efs / README

This version of EFS was modified for integration with XEmacs by
Mike Sperber <>.
He is the current maintainer of this version of EFS.

A Few Things That You Should Know About EFS:

For documentation, see the first page of the file efs.el.  If you
access FTP via a gateway, then be sure to read the documentation in
efs.el on how to configure efs to use a gateway.  To find the section
on user customization variables in efs.el, search for the first
occurrence of the string ">>>>".  TeXinfo documentation is

The file CHANGES contains a description of changes to EFS from the
previous release to this release.  It also tells you where you can get
the latest version of efs.

The file LISTS contains a description of mailing lists relevant to
efs.  It too tells you where you can get the latest version of efs.
We encourage users to join these lists.

EFS and archie.el:

To use archie.el (by Jack Repenning) with efs, you need at least
archie.el V3.0.1.  Problems using efs with archie may be posted to the
efs mailing lists.
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