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This is EFS 1.17

EFS is a system for transparent file-transfer between remote VMS, CMS,
MTS, MVS, Twenex, Explorer (the last two are lisp machines), TOPS-20,
DOS (running the Distinct, Novell, FTP software, NCSA, Microsoft in both
unix and DOS mode, Super TCP, and Hellsoft FTP servers), Windows NT
(running the Microsoft or Hummingbird ftp servers), Unix descriptive
listings (dl), KA9Q, OS/2 hosts using FTP. This means that you can edit,
copy and otherwise manipulate files on any machine you have access to
from within Emacs as if it were a local file.

The latest released version of EFS is available from

Read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.  Refer to the
manual in efs.texi for more information.

This is a beta release.
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