efs / package-info.in

  (standards-version 1.0
   version VERSION
   author-version AUTHOR_VERSION
   date DATE
   build-date BUILD_DATE
   maintainer MAINTAINER
   distribution stable
   priority medium
   category CATEGORY
   dump nil
   description "Treat files on remote systems the same as local files."
   filename FILENAME
   md5sum MD5SUM
   size SIZE
   provides (default-dir efs-auto efs-cms-knet efs-cms efs-coke efs-cp-p efs-cu efs-defun efs-dired efs-unix:dl efs-dos-distinct efs-dump efs-fnh efs-guardian efs-gwp efs-hell efs-ka9q efs-kerberos efs-mpe efs-ms-unix efs-mts efs-mvs efs-netrc efs-netware efs-nos-ve efs-ovwrt efs-pc efs-plan9 efs-report efs-ti-explorer efs-ti-twenex efs-tops-20 efs-vms efs-vos efs-x19\.15 efs)
   requires (REQUIRES)
   type regular
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