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eicq / TODO

-*- outline -*-

* Last Updated: Aug 12, 2000

Here's a list of things I may or may not get around to putting
into eicq.

This list is not in order of importance or any kind of order at all.
And just because something is on the list doesn't mean that it will
become part of eicq.

Feel free to do any of these things and send me a patch

* Todo list

** write the info docs (this one probably is a priority)

** hilarious auto reply messages

** face colors for light background

** figure out why sometime being kicked out after long inactivity

** builtin udp support in emacs

	write udp2tcp as an 'emodule'

** complete country codes

** set/retrieve away/occ message in server?

** visible/invisible list

** direct TCP, file transfer/chat

** invisibility probing (validate published ip?)

** send other special types of messages

** pop up/permanent window for entering long message

** multi-user login

	eicq can successfully login server using different accounts,
	and can then receive messages from both accounts.

	However, after some brief attempts, eicq cannot send
	messages with the first account after the second account is
	logged in. ICQ server perhaps checks ip address as well to
	avoid spoofing. licq seems to be able to achieve that. Is
	spoofing only allowed in TCP mode?

** implement ack'ing in udp2tcp

	sometimes loading gnus/w3 makes single-threaded emacs crawl
	and get kicked out of icq server because of failures of
	ack'ing packets

** cute glyph for different statuses

** eliza (doctor) minor mode, auto-chatting/messaging

** store offline messages and send them when online

** security problem of `eicq-user-password' in emacs

** openssl support

** port udp2tcp to other platforms

	maybe not necessary if written as a module??