eieio / INSTALL

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 The following updates to your .emacs file will help you get the most out of this
 update of eieio.
-1) Build eieio
+1) Byte compile EIEIO
-   On the unix command line, type:
+   a) Edit Makefile, and change LOADPATH to include the path to
+	 Speedbar.
+   b) run "make"
-   $ make
+   -OR-
-   On windows NT, you will need to byte compile each file from within
-   emacs, or you can leave everything unbyte compiled.
+   a) run: make "LOADPATH=<path to speedbar>"
+   If byte compilation fails fails:
+    a) Follow step 3:
+    b) byte compile the files individually and interactivly from
+	Emacs or XEmacs.
+   It is not necessary to use Speedbar with EIEIO, but EIEIO does
+   support speedbar, and it is needed to compile those few files.
 2) Add eieio's directory to your load path.