eieio / tree.el

Diff from to
   (use-local-map tree-map)
   (setq major-mode 'tree-mode
 	mode-name "TREE")
+  (setq truncate-lines t)	; no line-wrapping
   (run-hooks 'tree-mode-hook)
 ;  (setq mode-line-format
 ;	(list
 ;; Tree test case
 (defun tree-test-it-all ()
   "Try using various features of tree mode in a demo of it's display."
 		   :class class)
 (defun eieio-class-tree (&optional root-class)
   "Displays a class tree using the TREE package in another buffer.
 Optional argument ROOT-CLASS is the starting point."
 Argument PATH is the path to that file."
   (dirtree-node name :name name :path path))
 (defun directory-tree-thing (ppath)
   "Start at the current directory, and build a giant tree of files.
 Argument PPATH is the path to the directory we are going to analyze."