eieio / INSTALL

Installation instructions for Eieio

The following updates to your .emacs file will help you get the most out of this
update of eieio.

1) Byte compile EIEIO

   a) Edit Makefile, and change LOADPATH to include the path to
   b) run "make"


   a) run: make "LOADPATH=<path to speedbar>"

   If byte compilation fails fails:
    a) Follow step 3:
    b) byte compile the files individually and interactivly from
	Emacs or XEmacs.

   It is not necessary to use Speedbar with EIEIO, but EIEIO does
   support speedbar, and it is needed to compile those few files.

2) Add eieio's directory to your load path.

   (add-to-list 'load-path "~/eieio-X.XX")

   Be sure to replace the directory above with the actual path to
   where eieio was unpacked.  This will make sure the latest version
   of eieio superceeds any version already installed on your system.

3) Upgrading EIEIO.

   New versions of EIEIO can be found here:
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