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History of changes made to EIEIO

Changes In EIEIO Version 1.0

* Method Invocation Changes
  Several changes have been made to method invocation to make it more
  compatible with CLOS.  These changes may be incompatible with
  previous versions of EIEIO.

** :BEFORE and :AFTER methods cannot call `call-next-method' anymore.

** All inherited :BEFORE and :AFTER implementations are called for
   each method call, with the most specific methods being called

** You can now call a :STATIC method by passing in an object as well
   as a class.

** accessor methods for :class allocated slots are now :static methods.

* Linemark Changes

** Allow creation of marks in files that are not associated with a file.

** Linemark faces have changed slightly.

** viss-bookmark changes

*** You can clear bookmarks in bufferes not assocated with files.

* lmcompile.el - new demo program for linemark.

* Documentation Changes

** Richard Stallman provided advice for the EIEIO manual.  This has
   been appended to the end of the manual as a comment to be dealt

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