This is the README file for

			The Emacs Lisp Library

			   Version 1.0

		  Inge Wallin <inge@lysator.liu.se>
		Per Cederqvist <ceder@lysator.liu.se>


This is the source directory for the GNU emacs lisp library Elib
version 1.0.  Elib is designed to be for Elisp programs what libg++ is
for C++ programs:  a collection of useful routines which don't have to
be reinvented each time a new program is written.

Elib contains code for:
 - container data structures (queues, stacks, AVL trees, etc)
 - string handling functions missing in standard emacs
 - minibuffer handling functions missing in standard emacs
 - routines for handling lists of so called cookies in a buffer. 

Information about how to install the library and the documentation is
in the file INSTALL.  Licensing terms are in the file COPYING.
Further documentation is in the Texinfo file elib.texi. 

Please send bug reports, suggestions and comments to

Known bugs:
  + The documentation could be better. It lacks an index, among 
    other things.
  + The stack-m and stack-f should probably both (provide 'stack).
    stack-m.el should maybe be renamed stack.el, and stack-f.el
    should maybe only be used while debugging.  We are still 
    thinking about this. Suggestions are welcome.
  + The cookie package has a number of inconsistencies regarding
    handling of (point).


	Linkļæ½ping 10-dec-1995
	Inge Wallin
	Per Cederqvist