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 * ChangeLog Entries
-ERC's ChangeLog entries are generated automatically from the CVS
-logs.  As such, please try to write log entries in ChangeLog form.
+ERC's ChangeLog entries are *no longer* generated automatically from
+the CVS logs.  As such, please try to update the `ChangeLog' file
+every time you commit a change.
 The GNU Coding Standards have some good tips for writing ChangeLog
 Emacs has modes to alleviate the writing of entries, see the info
   (info "(emacs)Change Log")
   (info "(emacs)Change Logs and VC")
-The latter is probably slightly less relevant to us, since we don't
-have a separate manually maintained ChangeLog.
-If you do use these helpers and then cut and paste into
-the *cvs-commit* buffer, please remove the leading header line and
-the leading spaces and module names, since they get reconstructed
+* NEWS entries
-M-x add-change-log-entry RET might give something like this:
-| 2004-03-04  Lawrence Mitchell  <>
-|	* erc.el (erc-foo-p): New function.
-We only want the following in the cvs log:
-| (erc-foo-p): New function.
-If you write ChangeLog entries using C-x 4 a (for example), and save
-the file, when you come to commit, you can type C-c C-a to
-automatically insert the correct entry.  This saves doing things by
-hand as described above.
+We maintain a list of user-visible changes between versions in the
+file NEWS.  This should be of the same form as the Emacs NEWS file
+(viewable, as an example, via C-h n (view-emacs-news)).  This file
+should not document internal changes, only ones which show their faces
+to the outside world.
 * Documentation