erc / FOR-RELEASE.upstream

Tasks that need to be accomplished in order for a release to happen.

* 5.1 release

** [DONE] Documentation

*** ERC's manual needs collaborative effort.
Some conditions follow.

Manual text can be based off of pages from, but must be
rewritten.  As long as they're not too close to being word-for-word,
you should be okay.

Contributors to the documentation must have assigned future copyright
for ERC or Emacs.  No separate manual assignment is needed in this
case.  If you haven't assigned future changes and would like to work
on the manual, contact

*** Search for "@c PRE5_1" to see what needs to be done before the
5.1 release.

Please add your name in brackets after "PRE5_1" in the comment if you
wish to work an item in the short term.

** [DONE] Makefile

*** install target needed.
This could look at the following new variables.  ELISPDIR determines
where to install ERC.  INFODIR is where manual will be installed.

PREFIX   = /usr/local
ELISPDIR = $(PREFIX)/share/emacs/site-lisp/erc

*** install-info target needed.
Something like the following would work. %.texi
	makeinfo $<

	[ -d $(INFODIR) ] || install -d $(INFODIR)
	install -m 0644 $(INFODIR)/muse

** [DONE] NEWS: Update for changes since 5.0.4.

** [DONE] Source

*** Remove dependency on cl package.
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl)) is acceptable.

* 5.2 release (future)

** Documentation

*** Items with "@c PRE5_2" won't block the 5.1 release, but may block
the release of 5.2.

** Source

*** Make erc-backend not need to (require) any other part of ERC.
This will hopefully increase the chance that it will be useful for
other IRC clients, like Circe.

*** Add binding for S-TAB (backtab) that moves backwards by link.

Local variables:
mode: outline