The following people contributed to Emacs IRC Client development:

Alexander L. Belikoff <>
  * Original author.

Sergey Berezin <>
  * Hacked it in 1999.

Mario Lang <>
  * Maintainer of the new erc.
  * erc-speak, erc-ibuffer.el, erc-speedbar.el

Alex Schroeder <>:
  * Helped alot with the first rewrite phase.
  * Wrote erc-complete.el, erc-ring.el
  * Great elisp knowledge base, thanks alex!

Andreas Fuchs <>:
  * erc-bbdb, erc-replace, and a lot of other useful stuff

Tijs van Bakel <>:
  * helped a lot in crucial rewriting phase

Diane Murray <>:
  * Miscellaneous development, additions, bug fixes
  * erc-nickserv.el

Gergely Nagy <>
  * Debian package maintainer

Shae Erisson <>:
  * Did much testing and contributed a lot of great ideas.

Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <>:
  * Modified erc.el and erc-pcomplete.el to include time-sensitive
  * Changed ERC to use hash tables instead of the `channel-members'

Adrian Aichner <>
  * Provided fixes for spelling errors in many docstrings, comments 
    and (embarrassingly) a function name.

P.S.: Many people contributed small bits to ERC whose names I probably
forgot. If you aren't listed here, simply write a mail to,
I'll add you then.
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