The following people contributed to ERC development:

Alexander L. Belikoff <>:
  * Original author.

Sergey Berezin <>:
  * Hacked it in 1999.

Mario Lang <>:
  * Maintainer of the new erc.
  * erc-speak, erc-ibuffer.el, erc-speedbar.el

Alex Schroeder <>:
  * Helped alot with the first rewrite phase.
  * Wrote erc-complete.el, erc-ring.el
  * Great elisp knowledge base, thanks alex!

Andreas Fuchs <>:
  * erc-bbdb, erc-replace, and a lot of other useful stuff

Tijs van Bakel <>:
  * helped a lot in crucial rewriting phase

Diane Murray <>:
  * Miscellaneous development, additions, bug fixes
  * erc-nickserv.el

Gergely Nagy <> (aka "mhp"):
  * Debian package maintainer

Shae Erisson <>:
  * Did much testing and contributed a lot of great ideas.

Jeremy Bertram Maitin-Shepard <> (aka "jbms"):
  * Modified erc.el and erc-pcomplete.el to include time-sensitive
  * Changed ERC to use hash tables instead of the `channel-members'

Adrian Aichner <>:
  * Provided fixes for spelling errors in many docstrings, comments 
    and (embarrassingly) a function name.

Marcelo Toledo <>:
  * Made it possible to display notices in the current buffer.

Arne Schwabe <>:
  * Helped with handlers for 313 and 330 (erc.el).

Mark Triggs <> (aka "MrBump"):
  * Added code to strip control chars and topic attribution in C-c
  * Helped with listing bans and mass unbanning.
  * Fixed problem with erc-set-topic inserting ^C characters.

Stephan Stahl <>:
  * Modified erc-dcc.el so that the buffer is killed if transfer
    completed correctly.

Eric M. Ludlam <>:
  * Patched erc-speedbar.el heavily.

David Edmondson (dme AT dme DOT org):
  * Contributed patch to erc-track.el that makes button 3 on the
    erc-track buffer names in the modeline show the selected buffer in
    another window.

Michal Maruska <> (aka "mmc"):
  * Fixed problem in erc.el where % in NOTICE produced errors.

David Spreen <>:
  * Added hostmask-authentication to DCC auto-accept (erc-dcc.el).

Michael Olson <>:
  * Re-structured `erc-process-sentinel' so that server buffers could
    be killed on /quit.
  * Helped prepare for erc 5.0 release.

Hoan Ton-That <>:
  * Helped with filename expansion (erc-log.el).

Fabien Penso (fabien AT penso DOT info):
  * Made completion case insensitive (erc.el).

Henrik Enberg <>:
  * Added variables `erc-frame-alist' and `erc-frame-dedicated-p'
  * Made handling of `erc-hide-list' smarter.
  * Use optimal amount of spacing around modified channels indicator
    in erc-track.el.

Peter Solodov <>:
  * Contributed a patch for erc-fill.el.

Hynek Schlawack <>:
  * Tweaked the Makefile to remove .elc files and add erc-compat.el.

Daniel Knapp (dankna AT accela DOT net):
  * Made it optional for server buffers to show up on the mode line.

Simon Siegler <>:
  * Fixed erc-fill-static so it breaks the lines at the right column
    and respects timestamps (erc-fill.el).

Andreas Schwab <>:
  * Corrected a bug in sorting of channel users (erc.el).
  * Fixed an unnecessary use of the `format' function (erc.el).
  * Added an entry for OFTC in erc-nickserv-alist.

Kai Fan (m_pupil AT yahoo DOT com) (aka "It's me FKtPp ;)"):
  * Enhanced non-ASCII character support (erc-backend.el).

Daniel Brockman (daniel AT brockman DOT se):
  * Submitted small patch that fixed a load failure in erc-autoaway.el
    when using Emacs21.

John Paul Wallington (jpw AT pobox DOT com):
  * Recommended replacing calls to `string-to-int' with

Luigi Panzeri (matley AT muppetslab DOT org):
  * Provided an erc-nickserv-alist entry for Azzurra.

Simon Josefsson  (jas AT extundo DOT com):
  * Changed erc.el to use tls.el instead of ssl.el.

Nelson Ferreira <>:
  * Made BBDB buffers not electric by default (6 lines changed).

Aravind Gottipati <>:
  * Made /quote work with lines that don't have leading whitespace (1
    line changed).


P.S.: Many people contributed small bits to ERC whose names I probably
forgot.  If you aren't listed here and should be, send an email to along with a list of your contributions.