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The ESS Developers proudly announce the release of ESS 5.1.21

Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) provides an intelligent, consistent 
interface between the user and the software.  ESS interfaces with 
SAS, S-PLUS, R, BUGS and other statistical analysis packages under
the Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac operating systems.  ESS
is itself a package within the Emacs text editor and uses Emacs
features to streamline the creation and use of statistical software.
ESS knows the syntax and grammar of statistical analysis packages
and provides consistent display and editing features based on that 
knowledge.  ESS assists in interactive and batch execution of 
statements written in these statistical analysis languages.

@comment ESS is an Emacs package which provides a standard interface between
@comment statistical programs and statistical processes.  It is intended to
@comment provide assistance for interactive statistical programming and data
@comment analysis, and was is based on and extends the capabilities of S-mode.
ESS is freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).  
Please read the file COPYING which comes with the distribution, for 
more information about the license. For more detailed information, 
please read the README files that come with ESS.  And to clear up any 
possible confusion; the name is ESS, NOT ESS-mode.

Thank you :-).

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