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See the file @file{README.SPLUS4WIN} as well, for more information and

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@item (RMH) system freeze and ctrl-m, a solution for some cases.

	Frequently, when the *shell* buffer freezes while running
	either COMMAND.COM or a DOS or Windows program initiated by, it can be unfrozen by entering the key sequence
	C-q C-m RET into the frozen buffer.

	What I think is happening is the coding-system got confused. is waiting for the C-m C-l sequence and it only
	sees the C-l, which it knows is not the end of the line.  When
	we manually give the C-m, followed by RET, it is happy and
	completes parsing the line.

	For example, from a *shell* buffer running bash (with ps in
	the path):
	C-q C-m RET
	C-q C-m RET /c date
	C-q C-m RET /c date
	C-q C-m RET

@item (RMH) Changes in essd-r.el for Windows

	One of the design goals in ESS was to make it almost
	unnecessary for users to make modifications to the ess-*.el
	files.  We have split the R function into two clones.
	R-unix is the old R function.  It uses the starting argument
	"--no-readline ".  R-microsoft is designed for Windows.  It
	uses the starting argument "--ess ".  We detect the
	operating system and fset the name R to whichever is
	appropriate.  No user changes are required.  M-x R
        always works.

@item (RMH)	msdos.el

	Start an msdos shell inside an NTemacs that normally uses
	bash as its shell.  It should have been easy, but had many
	parameters that needed to be set.  I am sending a copy of
	this to the Ntemacs mailing list.  I think this function
	should be merged into the Ntemacs distribution, but for the
	moment I am attributing it to us.

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