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ess / texi / currfeat.texi

@itemize @bullet
@item Languages Supported:
  @itemize @bullet
  @item S dialects (S 3/4, S-PLUS 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x, and R)
  @item SAS
  @item BUGS
  @item Stata 
  @item XLispStat including Arc and ViSta
  @end itemize
@item Editing source code (S, XLispStat, SAS, BUGS)
  @itemize @bullet
  @item Syntactic indentation and highlighting of source code
  @item Partial evaluation of code
  @item Loading and error-checking of code
  @item Source code revision maintenance
  @item Batch execution (SAS, BUGS)
  @end itemize
@item Interacting with the process (S, XLispStat, SAS)
  @itemize @bullet
  @item Command-line editing
  @item Searchable Command history
  @item Command-line completion of S object names and file names
  @item Quick access to object lists and search lists
  @item Transcript recording
  @item Interface to the help system
  @end itemize
@item Transcript manipulation (S3, S+3, S4, R, XLispStat)
  @itemize @bullet
  @item Recording and saving transcript files
  @item Manipulating and editing saved transcripts
  @item Re-evaluating commands from transcript files
  @end itemize
@item Help File Editing (R)
  @itemize @bullet
  @item Syntactic indentation and highlighting of source code.
  @item Sending Examples to running ESS process.
  @item Previewing
  @end itemize
@end itemize