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@itemize @bullet
Commands like @code{ess-display-help-on-object} and list completion
cannot be used while the user is entering a multi-line command.  The
only real fix in this situation is to use another @b{ESS} process.

The @code{ess-eval-} commands can leave point in the @b{ESS} process
buffer in the wrong place when point is at the same position as the last
process output.  This proves difficult to fix, in general, as we need to
consider all @emph{windows} with @code{window-point} at the right place.

It's possible to clear the modification flag (say, by saving the buffer)
with the edit buffer not having been loaded into S.

Backup files can sometimes be left behind, even when
@code{ess-keep-dump-files} is @code{nil}.

Passing an incomplete @b{S} expression to @code{ess-execute} causes ESS
to hang.

The function-based commands don't always work as expected on functions
whose body is not a parenthesized or compound expression, and don't even
recognize anonymous functions (i.e. functions not assigned to any

Multi-line commands could be handled better by the command history
@end itemize