ess / texi / inst_svn.texi

@c There no longer is an anonymous CVS repository for ESS, due to lack of
@c interest, little demand, and problems with security.

@c text below modified from R-admin.texi (thanks to Kurt for the tip).

The latest development version of ESS is available via
@uref{}, the ESS Subversion repository.  If
you have a Subversion client (see @uref{}),
you can download the sources using:
% svn checkout @var{path}
@end smallexample
which will put the ESS files into directory @var{path}.  Later,
within that directory, `svn update' will bring that directory up to
date.  Windows-based tools such as TortoiseSVN are also available for
downloading the files.  Alternatively, you can browse the sources with a
web browser at: @uref{, ESS SVN
site}.  However, please use a subversion client instead to minimize the
load when retrieving.

If you remove other versions of ESS from your emacs load-path, you can
then use the development version by adding the following to .emacs:

(load "/path/to/ess-svn/lisp/ess-site.el") 
@end example

Note that https is required, and that the SSL certificate for the
Subversion server of the R project is

Certificate information:
 - Hostname:
 - Valid: from Jul 16 08:10:01 2004 GMT until Jul 14 08:10:01 2014 GMT
 - Issuer: Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, CH
 - Fingerprint: c9:5d:eb:f9:f2:56:d1:04:ba:44:61:f8:64:6b:d9:33:3f:93:6e:ad
@end smallexample

(currently, there is no ``trusted certificate'').  You can accept this
certificate permanently and will not be asked about it anymore.