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Full commit
ESS has been tested with

@itemize @bullet
@item S-PLUS 3.3-4, 4.5, 2000, 5.0-1, 6.0-2, 7.0
@item R >=0.49
@item S4
@item SAS >=6.12
@item BUGS 0.5, 0.603
@item Stata >=6.0
@item XLispStat >=3.50
@end itemize

on the following platforms

@itemize @bullet
@item Linux (all)
@item Solaris/SunOS (all)
@c cannot confirm this right now @item SGI (all)
@item Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP (SPLUS 4.5/2000/6.*, R, SAS and BUGS)
@item Apple Mac OS (SAS for OS 9 and R for OS X)
@end itemize

with the following versions of emacs

@itemize @bullet
@item GNU Emacs 20.3-7, 21.1, 21.3, 21.4
@item XEmacs 21.0, 21.1.13-14, 21.4.0-8, 21.4.9-13@footnote{
require the files.el patch to revert-buffer for the Local Variables 
updating problem}, 21.4.14-15, 21.4.17, 21.5.18
@c @item GNU Emacs <20.3 and XEmacs <21.0@footnote{These releases of emacs are no
@c longer supported, so an upgrade is recommended if you plan to use ESS.
@c If you have GNU Emacs 19.29, see @xref{Unix installation}.  Also, note
@c that the `custom' library bundled with Emacs 19.34 is too _old_, its API is
@c incompatible with the `new custom' bundled with recent Emacsen.
@c The `new custom' for Emacs 19.34 is available for download
@c @uref{, here}.}
@end itemize