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Martin's Monster Mega typo patch

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+2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <martin@xemacs.org>
+	* *: Mega typo fix.
 1999-10-17  Oscar Figueiredo  <Oscar.Figueiredo@di.epfl.ch>
 	* eudc: EUDC 1.30 is released

File eudc.el

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   "Extract a value from a lax property list.
 LAX-PLIST is a lax property list, which is a list of the form (PROP1
-VALUE1 PROP2 VALUE2...), where comparions between properties is done
+VALUE1 PROP2 VALUE2...), where comparison between properties is done
 using `equal' instead of `eq'.  This function returns the value
 corresponding to the given PROP, or DEFAULT if PROP is not one of the
 properties on the list."
 (defun eudc-filter-partial-records (records attrs)
-  "Eliminate records that do not caontain all ATTRS from RECORDS."
+  "Eliminate records that do not contain all ATTRS from RECORDS."
   (delq nil 

File eudc.texi

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 * Display of Query Results::    Controlling how query results are presented
 * Inline Query Expansion::      How to use and customize inline queries
 * The Server Hotlist::          How to use and manage the server hotlist
-* Multi-server Queries::        How to query multiple servers sucessively
+* Multi-server Queries::        How to query multiple servers successively
 * Creating BBDB Records::       How to insert query results into your BBDB
 * Server/Protocol Locals::      Customizing on a per server/protocol basis
 @end menu

File eudcb-ph.el

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 (defun eudc-ph-read-response (process &optional return-response)
   "Read a response from the PH/QI query process PROCESS.
 Returns nil if response starts with an error code.  If the
-response is successful the return code or the reponse itself is returned
+response is successful the return code or the response itself is returned
 depending on RETURN-RESPONSE."
   (let ((case-fold-search nil)
 (provide 'eudcb-ph)
-;;; eudcb-ph.el ends here
+;;; eudcb-ph.el ends here