eudc / ChangeLog

1998-03-24  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc: Released 1.02
	Release and package numbers are now in synch.

	* eudc.el: Fixed compilation warnings.

1998-03-18  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc: Released 1.01

	* eudc.el: (eudc-expand-inline): Translate
	`eudc-inline-expansion-format' before using it
	(eudc-tail-menu): Synch with autoloaded menu labels

1998-03-15  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc: Released 1.0/pkg1.01 

	* eudc-ldap.el: 
	(eudc-ldap-clear-inline-query-format-on-exit): New var
	(eudc-ldap-set-inline-query-format-maybe): New defun
	(eudc-ldap-protocol-switch-init): New defun
	(eudc-ldap-protocol-switch-exit): New defun

	* eudc.el: (eudc-protocol-switch-init-function): New var
	(eudc-protocol-switch-exit-function): New var
	(eudc-switch-to-protocol): Reswitch to previous protocol in case
	of error.  Run protocol specific init and exit functions.
	(eudc-expand-inline): Use eudc-inline-query-format if if query
	string is a single word.  
	Discard words in query string if there is no corresponding
 	attribute in eudc-inline-query-format
	New selection mechanism for multiple matches	

1998-03-01  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc.el: (eudc-use-raw-directory-names): New var
	(eudc-query-form): Take previous var into account
	(eudc-tail-menu): Changed some menu entry names
	(eudc-load-eudc): New function
	Attach a basic menu for EUDC at autoload time.

1998-02-25  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc: Released 0.2/pkg0.9 

	* eudc.el: Bug fix for compilation (overlay require)
	(eudc-switch-to-protocol): Try to load eudc protocol support file
	if protocol not supported yet
	(eudc-set-server): Display message if interactively called
	(eudc-query-form): Display fix

	* eudc-ldap.el, eudc-ph.el: Removed custom dependency on eudc that 
	would cause eudc-ldap and eudc-ph to be loaded together with eudc

	* Makefile: Updated for release 0.2/0.9

1998-02-24  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc.el: (eudc-query): Typo fix
	(eudc-bbdbify-address): Ditto
	* Makefile: Fixes

1998-02-22  Oscar Figueiredo  <>

	* eudc-ph.el: Released 0.1

	* eudc.el: (eudc-attribute-to-formstring-alist): Renamed to
	(eudc-query): Translate also return attributes if needed
	(eudc-filter-duplicate-fields): Renamed to 
	(eudc-create-bbdb-record): Fixed wrt `eudc-bbdb-conversion-alist'
	(eudc-bbdbify-address): Added support for country on the last line 
	of address
	(eudc-get-email, eudc-get-phone): Signal error on multiple matches
	(eudc-get-email, eudc-get-phone, eudc-expand-inline): Set server
	if none set
	* eudc-ph.el: Bug fix (new function had not been updated)

	* eudc-ldap.el: (eudc-ldap-bbdb-conversion-alist): New variable
	(eudc-ldap-protocol-locals): Added the new var
	(eudc-ldap-simple-query-internal): Additional cleanup in records
	for better display by eudc

Mon Feb 16 19:06:07 1998  Oscar Figueiredo, LSP DI EPFL  <figueire@lspsun12>

	* eudc-ph.el: beta 1
	Basically tested (queries only)

	* eudc-ldap.el: Initial revision

	* eudc.el: beta 1
	Basically tested with ph and ldap (queries only)

Sat Feb 14 17:04:44 1998  Oscar Figueiredo, LSP DI EPFL  <figueire@lspsun12>

	* eudc.el, eudc-ph.el: Initial revision