eudc / NEWS

-*- mode:outline -*-

             Emacs Unified Directory Client (EUDC)

This file presents an history of user visible changes in EUDC.  See the
ChangeLog file for source-level changes.


* Release 1.31

** You can now send mail directly from query result buffers

** Multi-server queries are now available from query forms as well
   The variable `eudc-multi-query-policy' indicates how multi-server
   queries are handled

** Miscellaneous cleanup

* Release 1.30

** Bugfix release, no new features

* Release 1.29

** Support for non-textual values 
   Right mouse button pops-up a contextual menu of functions to handle those
*** Images can be displayed inline or as buttons (jpegPhoto LDAP attribute)
*** Sound can be played (audio LDAP attribute)
*** URLs are clickable (needs browse-url)

** Code has been splitted across several files to make loading faster

** Selecting an LDAP server with an empty search base asks for configuration

** You can import a batch of directory entries into BBDB in a single operation
   See `eudc-batch-export-records-to-bbdb'

** Miscellaneous bug fixes
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