forms / forms-d2.dat

comp.sources.unix		v11i008	269	getty-enable	1 (Ronald S. Karr)	Getty on/off programs for 4.[23] BSD		890505	This program can be used to dynamically enable / disable terminallines on a BSD system.
comp.sources.unix	11	v11i022	283	syslog	1	emory!arnold (Arnold D. Robbins {EUCC})	Development version of syslog(3), for ATT, too		28/08/1987	
comp.sources.unix	11	v11i033	290	less3	3	sun!intsc!convgt!mark	The 'less' pager		02/09/1987	
comp.sources.unix	11	v11i036	293	test.el	3	"Mark A. Ardis" <>	Test system for GNU Emacs		10/09/1987	
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