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+2004-12-14  Stephen J. Turnbull  <stephen@xemacs.org>
+	* texi/xemacs/fontconfig.texi: Save buffer before committing, dummy.
 2004-11-27  Stephen J. Turnbull  <stephen@xemacs.org>
 	* texi/xemacs/fontconfig.texi (Constants): New node.

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 These build an object set from a null-terminated list of property names.
 @end deftypefun
-@node FcObjectType, Querying Fonts and Their Properties, FcObjectSet, Functions
+@node FcObjectType, FcLangSet, FcObjectSet, Functions
 @subsection FcObjectType
 Provides for application-specified font name object types so that new
 @node FcLangSet, Querying Fonts and Their Properties, FcObjectType, Functions
 @subsection FcLangSet
-An @code{FcLangSet} holds a set of RFC 3066 language tags, @ref{LANG tags}.
+An @code{FcLangSet} holds a set of RFC 3066 language tags, @ref{LANG Tags}.
 This module provides functions to determine whether a given language is
 fully supported by a font.  Partial support can be determined using the
 font's character set, @ref{FcCharSet}.