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Have makeinfo build in source directory. <>

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+2007-02-17  Stephen J. Turnbull  <>
+	* texi/xemacs/fontconfig.texi (@setfilename):
+	* texi/xemacs/xemacs-devguide.texi (@setfilename):
+	Have makeinfo build in this directory, since XEmacs.rules does.
 2007-02-17  Stephen J. Turnbull  <>
 	Fix up xemacs-devguide.

File texi/xemacs/fontconfig.texi

 \input texinfo.tex
 @c %**start of header
-@setfilename ../../info/
 @settitle Fontconfig: Font configuration and customization library
 @set synched-to-pkg-version 1.0

File texi/xemacs/xemacs-devguide.texi

 @c   (shell-command "texi2html -number -monolithic xemacs-devguide.texi" nil)
 @c %**start of header
-@setfilename ../../info/
 @settitle xemacs-devguide
 @c %**end of header