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@node Valid Categories
@unnumberedsec Valid Categories
@cindex valid categories
@cindex example of a list of valid categories

@table @code
@item bfd
@sc{gnu} binary file descriptor library.

@item bifrabulator
This one doesn't actually exist.

@item binutils
@sc{gnu} utilities for binary files (@code{ar}, @code{nm}, @code{size}@dots{}).

@item bison
@sc{gnu} parser generator.

@item byacc
Free parser generator.

@item config
Cygnus Support Software configuration and installation.

@item cvs
Concurrent Version System.

@item diff
@sc{gnu} @code{diff} program.

@item doc
Documentation and manuals.

@item emacs
@sc{gnu} Emacs editor and related functions.

@item flex
@sc{gnu} lexical analyzer.

@item g++
@sc{gnu} C++ compiler.

@item gas
@sc{gnu} assembler.

@item gcc
@sc{gnu} C compiler.

@item gdb
@sc{gnu} source code debugger.

@item glob
The filename globbing functions.

@item gprof
@sc{gnu} profiler.

@item grep
@sc{gnu} @code{grep} program.

@item info
@sc{gnu} @code{info} hypertext reader.

@item ispell
@sc{gnu} spelling checker.

@item kerberos
Kerberos authentication system.

@item ld
@sc{gnu} linker.

@item libc
Cygnus Support C Support Library.

@item libg++
@sc{gnu} C++ class library.

@item libiberty
@sc{gnu} @samp{libiberty} library.

@item libm
Cygnus Support C Math Library.

@item make
@sc{gnu} @code{make} program.

@item makeinfo
@sc{gnu} utility to build Info files from Texinfo documents.

@item mas
@sc{gnu} Motorola syntax assembler.

@item newlib
Cygnus Support C Support and Math Libraries.

@item patch
@sc{gnu} bug patch program.

@item gnats
@sc{gnu} Problem Report Management System.

@item rcs
Revision Control System.

@item readline
@sc{gnu} @code{readline} library.

@item send-pr
@sc{gnu} Problem Report submitting program.

@item test
Category to use when testing @code{send-pr}.

@item texindex
@sc{gnu} documentation indexing utility.

@item texinfo
@sc{gnu} documentation macros.

@item other
Anything which is not covered by the above categories.
@end table