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(ding) Gnus Reference Card
Vladimir Alexiev <>
Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

This directory contains reference materials for the Emacs newsreader Gnus. 
Three versions of the reference material are provided:
 - 16-page booklet (\small font)
 - 5-page 2-column reference card (\footnotesize font which is quite small)
 - 1-page 2-column quick refcard (\scriptsize font which is even smaller)
The first two contain all Gnus commands; the last contains only the
most-often used commands. 
 The booklet is provided for single- and double-sided printers, in paper
formats Letter and A4. The other two cards can be printed on both Letter
and A4 printers.

The following files are available:   booklet, Letter paper, double-sided  booklet, Letter paper, single-sided, first run  booklet, Letter paper, single-sided, second run   booklet, A4 paper, double-sided  booklet, A4 paper, single-sided, first run  booklet, A4 paper, single-sided, second run   reference card  quick refcard

To produce the booklet:
1) Print the booklet.
 a) If you have a double-sided printer, 
    - just print bk-??
 b) If you have a single-sided printer, things are more complicated
    - leave only one paper tray in your printer
    - print bk-??
    - reload the resulting 4-sheet stack back into the printer. Don't
      rearrange the stack, just turn it upside down.
    - print bk-??
2) **Important** Arrange the printed stack in the correct order.
   The pages are numbered, so you can't make a mistake.
3) Fold the booklet in two and staple it in the middle. Enjoy! 

If you want to make the files yourself, you need the following source files: 
  makelogo gnusref.tex refcard.tex quickref.tex
  booklet.tex bk-a4.tex bk-lt.tex
which are included in the archive gnusref.tar.gz,
and the following programs
  GNU make 3.70
  LaTeX 2.09, TeX 3.141
  dvips 5.55
  pstops 1.p13 (part of the package "psutils" by 
    Angus Duggan <>)
Earlier versions might also work.