gnus / texi / refcard.tex

% -*- latex -*-
% Reference Card for (ding) Gnus 5.8.x: to be processed with LaTeX2e
\textwidth 7.26in \textheight 10in \topmargin -1.0in
% the same settings work for A4, although there is a bit of space at the
% top and bottom of the page. 
\oddsidemargin -0.5in \evensidemargin -0.5in

% *** purpose
% this was originally thought of as a reference card, but as it is now 5+
% pages long, I doubt that it is more useful than the online-help. It helped
% to get an overview for the Gnus-functionality.
% *** files
% refcard.tex (this file), gnusref.tex ("include"-file) and gnuslogo.refcard
% (Gnus logo).
% *** printing (about 5 pages now: write me if you can make it shorter..)
% if you are using latex-mode, you do C-c C-f (process with latex),
% C-c C-v (view using xdvi/dvi2tty) and C-c C-p (print)
% the original author has set up the page dimensions cleverly so that this
% should print on both letter and a4 (see note above)
% $latex refcard.tex
% this creates a file refcard.dvi which you can preview using
% $xdvi refcard.dvi [C-c C-v]
% and print using something like
% $dvips refcard.dvi 
% which creates (print using 'lpr')
% *** customization:
% the part following \begin{document} in this file consists of a macro for
% each section and section-headers (\section*{..}). It should be easy to
% reorder things and/or remove sections (put '%' at the beginning of the line).
% (i.e. you might want to omit \notes in the printed version ?)
% If you think that the order is not logical and you have ideas for
% improvements, please send mail to the current maintainer.
% *** ChangeLog:
% 2000-03-26  Felix Natter  <>:
% refcard updated for Gnus 5.8.x: please send corrections or suggestions
% to the above email-address
% changes since 2000-03-26:
% o Create/Edit Foreign Groups: remove S b and S B (not available in 5.8.3)
% o Send/Reply etc.: remove w and W (the only bindings are S w and S W)
% Mon Apr  3 18:41:09 2000:
% o added C-c C-n and C-c C-t (Article)
% o C-c C-a as alias for M-m f (Article) + some other M-m *-bindings
% o added section for ``jumping'' in article-mode
% o now there's a difference between ``reading'' and ``composition''
% (article-modes)
% Apr 24th, 2000:
% o added D s, D S and D t for nndraft
% o group-mode: i.e. C-u RET does not actually fetch fewer articles; also ,=>;
% Fri Jul 14 23:15:43 2000:
% o added README-section
% Thu Jul 27 20:51:01 2000:
% o added Unplugged-commands
% *** TODO:
% o (LaTeX) how can you get 'tabular' to wrap around pages ?
% o some things might not be updated: scoring and server modes, maybe more
% o Gnus Unplugged category-buffer commands need to be written

\newlength{\logowidth} \setlength{\logowidth}{6.861in}
\newlength{\logoheight} \setlength{\logoheight}{7.013in}

\def\progver{5.8}\def\refver{5.8-4} % program and refcard versions
\def\date{July 27th, 2000}
\def\author{Vladimir Alexiev $<$$>$}


% this contains a set of commands containing the actual sections
% (and some explanations).

    \subsection*{Group Subscribedness-Levels}
    \subsection*{List Groups}
    \subsection*{Create/Edit Foreign Groups}
    \subsection*{Unsubscribe, Kill and Yank Groups}
    \subsection*{Mark Groups}
% topics in group-mode
    \subsection*{Group Topics}
    \subsubsection*{Topic Sorting}
% summary-mode
    \subsection*{Select Articles}
    \subsection*{Sort the Summary-Buffer}
    \subsection*{Score (Value) Commands}
    \subsection*{MIME operations from the Summary-Buffer}
    \subsection*{Extract Series (Uudecode etc)}
    \subsection*{Output Articles}
    \subsection*{Post, Followup, Reply, Forward, Cancel}
        \subsubsection*{Jumping in message-buffer}
% marking articles
    \subsection*{Mark Articles}
        \subsubsection*{Mark Based on Score}
        \subsubsection*{The Process Mark}
        \subsubsection*{Mark Indication-Characters}
    \subsection*{Mail-Group Commands}
    \subsection*{Draft-Group Commands}
% exiting
    \subsection*{Exit the Summary-Buffer}
\section*{Article Mode (reading)}
    \subsection*{Wash the Article-Buffer}
    \subsection*{Hide/Highlight Parts of the Article}
    \subsection*{MIME operations from the Article-Buffer (reading)}
\section*{Server Mode}
\section*{Browse Server Mode}