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Sync with upstream 1.43 (no functional changes).

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+2002-04-24  Ville Skyttä  <ville.skytta@xemacs.org>
+	* Sync with upstream version 1.43 (no functional changes).
 2002-04-24  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>
 	* Makefile (HTML_FILES): Remove.

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 # Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
 VERSION = 1.00
 MAINTAINER = XEmacs Development Team <xemacs-beta@xemacs.org>
 PACKAGE = haskell-mode
 PKG_TYPE = regular

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 ;;; Changelog:
 ;;  ==========
 ;;  $Log$
+;;  Revision 1.2  2002/04/23 14:45:10  simonmar
+;;  Tweaks to the doc strings and support for customization, from
+;;  Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@xemacs.org>.
 ;;  Revision 1.1  2001/07/19 16:17:36  rrt
 ;;  Add the current version of the Moss/Thorn/Marlow Emacs mode, along with its
 ;;  web pages and sample files. This is now the preferred mode, and the

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 ;; version of emacs you are using, and a small example of the problem
 ;; or suggestion.
+;; Version 1.43:
+;;   Various tweaks to doc strings and customization support from
+;;   Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@xemacs.org>.
 ;; Version 1.42:
 ;;   Added autoload for GHCi inferior mode (thanks to Scott 
 ;;   Williams for the bug report and fix).

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 HREF="mailto:simonmar@microsoft.com">mail</A> if you have an idea, or a
 module we might hook into.</EM>
-<P><A HREF="haskell-mode-1.42.tar.gz">The latest versions of the basic
+<P><A HREF="haskell-mode-1.43.tar.gz">The latest versions of the basic
 mode and the above modules</A>.</P>
 <P>The basic mode was written by Graeme E Moss, Tommy Thorn and Simon

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 module.  See the documentation of that module for information on its
+<P>Any problems, do <A HREF=mailto:rrt@sc3d.org>mail</A> and we will
+try our best to help you!</P>
 <P><A HREF="./"><EM>Haskell Mode Home Page</EM></A>.</P>