haskell-mode / ChangeLog.upstream

2005-11-07  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* Release version 2.1.

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-inside-comment): Rename `start' arg
	into `open' and add a new `start' arg.
	(haskell-indent-after-keywords): Change defaults for `in'.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Fix confusion between pos and col.
	(haskell-indent-mode): Autoload.

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-find-matching-start):
	Add `pred' and `start' arguments.
	(haskell-indent-filter-let-no-in): New fun.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Use them to correctly match `let's
	with `in's even when some of the `let's have no matching `in'.

2005-11-06  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el: Reduce the use of dyn-bound haskell-indent-info.
	(haskell-indent-push-col): Don't duplicate info.
	(haskell-indent-line-indentation): Handle let-in-do.  Remove dead code.
	(haskell-indent-inside-comment): Move rest of code from

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-literate): Declare.
	(haskell-running-xemacs, event-basic-type, read-event): Remove.
	(haskell-indent-get-beg-of-line, haskell-indent-get-end-of-line):
	Remove.  Use line-(beginning|end)-position instead.
	(haskell-indent-mark-active): Move the xemacs test inside the defun.
	(haskell-indent-info): Rename from indent-info.  Update users.
	(haskell-indent-bolp, haskell-indent-inside-comment):
	Use line-beginning-position.
	(haskell-indent-within-literate-code): Use `case'.
	(haskell-indent-put-region-in-literate): Bind more comment-* vars.
	(haskell-indent-virtual-indentation): Add the missing `start' arg.
	(haskell-indent-mode): Move before first use.
	(haskell-indent-stand-alone-mode): Use haskell-indent-mode.
	Rename from haskell-stand-alone-indent-mode.  Use define-derived-mode.
	(hugs-mode-map, hugs-syntax-table):
	Rename to haskell-stand-alone-indent-mode-(map|syntax-table).

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-xemacs-p, haskell-doc-emacs-p)
	(haskell-doc-message): Remove.
	(haskell-doc-is-id-char-at): Remove.
	(haskell-doc-get-current-word): Rewrite.

2005-11-04  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-indentation-info): Fix detection of
	hanging let/if/case statements.

	* haskell-mode.el (haskell-mode): Fix typo.

2005-11-04  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* inf-haskell.el (inferior-haskell-mode): Hide compilation bindings.

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-after-keywords): New var.
	(haskell-indent-virtual-indentation): New fun.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Use them to indent after keywords.

	* haskell-simple-indent.el (haskell-simple-indent): Minor simplif.
	(turn-on-haskell-simple-indent): Don't bind \t and \n.

	* haskell-mode.el (haskell-vars, haskell-mode-generic): Remove.
	(haskell-mode-hook): Rename from haskell-mode-hooks.
	(haskell-mode): Use define-derived-mode.  Inline haskell-mode-generic
	and haskell-vars.
	(literate-haskell-mode): Use define-derived-mode.

	* fontlock.hs: Add some entries for infix declarations.

2005-10-12  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-start-keywords-re): Use regexp-opt.
	(haskell-indent-type-at-point): Accept ' in identifiers.
	(haskell-indent-find-case): Tell match-data to not generate markers.
	(haskell-indent-line-indentation): Ignore off-side keywords in comments
	and strings.
	(haskell-indent-find-matching-start): Generalize.
	Rename from haskell-indent-find-let.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Use it for of, then, and else.

2005-09-28  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-in-comment): Don't fail at EOB.

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-font-lock-symbols-alist): Add "not".
	(haskell-font-lock-compose-symbol): Handle alphanum identifiers.
	Fix incorrect handling of . when used for qualified names.

2005-09-26  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-font-lock-symbols-alist): Prefer the
	unicode version of lambda.  Add two symbols from the Omega language and
	from Paterson's arrow syntax.

2005-08-24  Steve Chamberlain  <>  (tiny patch)

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-message): Paren typo.

2005-08-23  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-show-type): Assume that the availability
	of display-message won't change at runtime.

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-font-lock-keywords-create): Try and
	work around a bug that seems to be in Emacs-21.3 rather than in
	haskell-font-lock.el.  Reported by Steve Chamberlain <>.

2005-07-18  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* inf-haskell.el (haskell-program-name): Fix defcustom delcaration.

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-message): Remove.
	(haskell-doc-show-type): Inline it.  Don't do anything for if there's
	no doc to show.

2005-02-02  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-hugs.el (haskell-hugs-mode-map):
	* haskell-ghci.el (haskell-ghci-mode-map): Remove.

2005-01-26  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-inside-comment): Don't assume that
	column(pos+2) = column(pos)+2.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Fix indentation of , and ;.
	Add arg `start'.  Restrict choice of indentation for comments.
	(haskell-indent-event-type): Remove.
	(haskell-indent-last-info): New var.
	(haskell-indent-cycle): Use it to store info from one invocation to
	the next, so we can do cycling outside of the function.
	Don't cycle directly any more.  Instead, recognize repeated invocations
	via last-command and friends.
	Use indent-line-function rather than hardcoding indent-to-left-margin.
	(haskell-indent-insert-where): Don't save excursion.
	(haskell-indent-layout-indent-info): Minor simplifications.
	(haskell-indent-line-indentation): Don't ignore code on a line
	before a string.

	* haskell-hugs.el (haskell-hugs-last-loaded-file): Remove.
	(haskell-hugs-start-process): Fix misuse of make-variable-buffer-local.
	(haskell-hugs-go): Quote file name.  Simplify.

	* haskell-ghci.el (haskell-ghci-last-loaded-file): Remove.
	(haskell-ghci-start-process): Fix misuse of make-variable-buffer-local.
	(haskell-ghci-go): Quote file name.  Simplify.

	* haskell-mode.el (haskell-version): Keep it up-to-date.

	* inf-haskell.el (inferior-haskell-load-file): Quote file name.

2004-12-10  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-start-of-def): Only go backward.
	(haskell-indent-in-string): Simplify.
	(haskell-indent-in-comment): Simplify.
	(haskell-indent-comment): Remove.
	(haskell-indent-inside-comment): New fun.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Assume we're at the indentation.
	Handle comments differently.
	(haskell-indent-cycle): Go to indentation and then save excursion
	around haskell-indent-indentation-info.

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-minor-mode-string): Make it dynamic.
	(haskell-doc-install-keymap): Remove conflicting C-c C-o binding.
	(haskell-doc-mode): Make a nil arg turn the mode ON.
	(turn-on-haskell-doc-mode): Make it an alias for haskell-doc-mode.
	(haskell-doc-mode): Don't touch haskell-doc-minor-mode-string.
	(haskell-doc-show-global-types): Don't touch
	haskell-doc-minor-mode-string.  Call haskell-doc-make-global-fct-index.
	(haskell-doc-check-active): Fix message.
	(define-key-after): Don't define.
	(haskell-doc-install-keymap): Check existence of define-key-after.

	* haskell-mode.el (haskell-literate-default): Fix custom type.
	(haskell-vars): Ignore comments when doing C-M-f.

	* indent.hs: More test cases.

	* inf-haskell.el (haskell-program-name): Use ghci if hugs is absent.
	(inferior-haskell-load-file): Reset compilation-parsing-end.

2004-11-25  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* Release version 2.0.

	* .emacs: Remove.

	* haskell-decl-scan.el (haskell-ds-imenu-label-cmp): Undo last
	idiotic change.

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-sym-doc): Make even the last char bold.

	* haskell-mode.el (haskell-mode-map): Typo.

	* inf-haskell.el (inferior-haskell-mode): Typo.
	(inferior-haskell-wait-for-output): Remove.
	(inferior-haskell-send-command): New function.
	(inferior-haskell-load-file): Use it.

	* index.html:
	* installation-guide.html: Partial fixup.

2004-11-24  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-mode.el (turn-on-haskell-hugs, turn-on-haskell-ghci):
	Mark them as obsolete.
	(haskell-mode-map): Add bindings for the inferior-haskell commands.

	* inf-haskell.el: New file.

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc-install-keymap): Don't blindly assume
	there's a Hugs menu.

2004-11-22  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (turn-on-haskell-indent, turn-off-haskell-indent):
	Use C-c C-foo rather than C-c foo to follow coding conventions.

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-font-lock-symbols-alist): Add . = ○.

2004-10-25  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-indentation-info): Don't use layout
	for paren-closing elements.

2004-10-20  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-indentation-info): Only use
	the new `in' indentation rule if the `let' is on the left of the decl.

2004-10-19  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-find-let): New function.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Use it to indent `in'.

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-default-face): Add missing declaration.

	* haskell-indent.el (haskell-indent-open-structure): Simplify.
	(haskell-indent-contour-line): Work even when `start' is in the middle
	of a line.
	(haskell-indent-layout-indent-info): New fun extracted from
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Use it as before.  Use it also to
	handle layout-within-open-structure.

2004-10-18  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-font-lock-keywords-create):
	Use explicit `symbol-value' to work around limitations in XEmacs's
	implementation of font-lock.
	(haskell-basic-syntactic-keywords): Fix up char-constants some more.

2004-10-14  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-doc.el (turn-off-haskell-doc-mode)
	(haskell-doc-current-info): Don't autoload.

	* haskell-decl-scan.el (haskell-ds-match-string):
	Use match-string-no-properties if available.
	(haskell-ds-syntax-table): Use haskell-mode-syntax-table.
	(haskell-ds-imenu-label-cmp): Use car-less-than-car if available.
	(haskell-ds-imenu): Remove obsolete incorrect code.

	* haskell-mode.el: Set things up so that mode-hook functions are not
	necessary, and generic functions can be used instead, like
	(haskell-enum-from-to): Remove.
	(turn-on-haskell-font-lock): Make obsolete.
	(haskell-running-xemacs): Remove.
	(haskell-mode-syntax-table): Fiddle with non-ascii chars.
	Fix up comment syntax in XEmacs.
	(haskell-vars): Improve comment-start-skip.
	Add comment-end-skip.  Setup imenu, eldoc, and font-lock.
	Tweak handling of tabs to be on the safe side.
	(haskell-mode-hooks): Declare and mention some useful ideas.
	(literate-haskell-mode): Simplify.
	(haskell-comment-indent): Remove.  The default works as well.

	* haskell-font-lock.el: Remove level 1 fontification.
	(haskell-font-lock-keywords-1, haskell-font-lock-keywords-2)
	(latex-literate-haskell-font-lock-keywords-2): Remove.
	(latex-literate-haskell-font-lock-keywords): Rename.
	(haskell-font-lock-keywords-create): Remove `level' arg.
	(haskell-fl-syntax): Remove.  Assume the major modes sets it right.
	(haskell-font-lock-choose-syntactic-keywords): New funs.
	(haskell-font-lock-defaults-create): Use them.
	(turn-off-haskell-font-lock, turn-on-haskell-font-lock): Simplify.

	* haskell-hugs.el (haskell-hugs-mode): Use define-derived-mode.
	(run-hugs): New alias.
	(haskell-hugs-wait-for-output): Don't loop if the process is dead.

	* haskell-font-lock.el (haskell-font-lock-compose-symbol): New fun.
	(haskell-font-lock-symbols-keywords): Use it.
	(haskell-string-char-face): Remove.
	(haskell-font-lock-keywords-create): Hardcode font-lock-string-face.
	(haskell-fl-syntax): Fix typos.  Keep " as a string delimiter.

2004-10-13  Stefan Monnier  <>

	* haskell-doc.el (haskell-doc): New group.
	(haskell-doc-show-reserved, haskell-doc-show-prelude)
	(haskell-doc-show-strategy, haskell-doc-show-user-defined)
	(haskell-doc-chop-off-context, haskell-doc-chop-off-fctname):
	Make them custom vars.
	(haskell-doc-keymap): Declare and fill it right there.
	(haskell-doc-mode): Simplify.
	(haskell-doc-toggle-var): Make it into what it was supposed to be.
	(haskell-doc-mode-print-current-symbol-info): Simplify.
	(haskell-doc-current-info): New autoloaded function.
	(haskell-doc-sym-doc): New fun extracted from haskell-doc-show-type.
	(haskell-doc-show-type): Use it.
	(haskell-doc-wrapped-type-p): Remove unused var `lim'.
	(haskell-doc-forward-sexp-safe, haskell-doc-current-symbol):
	Remove.  Unused.
	(haskell-doc-visit-home): Don't require ange-ftp, it's autoloaded.
	(haskell-doc-install-keymap): Simplify.

	* haskell-decl-scan.el (literate-haskell-ds-create-imenu-index)
	(haskell-ds-generic-create-imenu-index): Remove.
	(haskell-ds-bird-p): New function.
	(haskell-ds-backward-decl, haskell-ds-forward-decl): Use it.
	(haskell-ds-create-imenu-index): Use it to make it generic.
	(haskell-ds-imenu): Remove now-unused arg.
	(turn-on-haskell-decl-scan): Fix up call to haskell-ds-imenu.
	(haskell-ds-running-xemacs): Remove.
	(haskell-ds-func-menu-next): Make generic.
	(literate-haskell-ds-func-menu-next): Delete.
	(haskell-ds-func-menu): Remove unused arg.
	(turn-on-haskell-decl-scan): Simplify.

	* haskell-indent.el: Don't load CL at runtime.
	(haskell-indent-start-of-def, haskell-indent-type-at-point):
	Don't hardcode point-min == 1.
	(indent-info): Declare it.
	(haskell-indent-empty, haskell-indent-ident, haskell-indent-other)
	(haskell-indent-line-indentation): Use `string'.
	(haskell-indent-valdef-indentation): Fix `case' arms syntax.
	(haskell-indent-indentation-info): Remove unused var `pt'.
	(haskell-indent-align-def): Remove unused var `defpos'.
	(turn-on-haskell-indent): Don't bind TAB.
	(turn-off-haskell-indent): Don't unbind TAB and DEL.
	(hugs-syntax-table): Use the `n' for nested comments.
	(haskell-stand-alone-indent-mode): Fix `comment-end'.

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