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haskell-mode / NEWS

Changes since 2.0:

* inf-haskell uses ghci if hugs is absent.

* Fix up some binding conflicts (C-c C-o in haskell-doc)

* Many (hopefully minor) changes to the indentation.

* New symbols in haskell-font-lock-symbols-alist.

Changes since 1.45:

* keybindings C-c <char> have been replaced by C-c C-<char> so as not
  to collide with minor modes.

* The following modules are now automatically activated without having to
  add anything to haskell-mode-hook:
  haskell-font-lock (just turn on global-font-lock-mode).
  haskell-decl-scan (just bind `imenu' to some key).

* In recent Emacsen, haskell-doc hooks into eldoc-mode.

* haskell-hugs and haskell-ghci are superceded by inf-haskell.

* Indentation rules have been improved when using layout inside parens/braces.

* Symbols like -> and \ can be displayed as actual arrows and lambdas.
  See haskell-font-lock-symbols.

* Tweaks to the font-lock settings.  Among other things paren-matching
  with things like \(x,y) should work correctly now.

* New maintainer <monnier@gnu.org>.

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