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Know about gtk.

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 ;;; ************************************************************************
 (defconst hproperty:color-list
-  (if (eq window-system 'x)
+  (if (memq window-system '(x gtk)) 
       '( "red" "blue" "paleturquoise4" "mediumpurple2"
 "lightskyblue3" "springgreen2" "salmon" "yellowgreen" "darkorchid2"
 "aquamarine4" "slateblue4" "slateblue1" "olivedrab1" "goldenrod4"
   "Pointer to current color name table to use for Hyperbole buttons.")
 (defconst hproperty:good-colors
-  (if (eq window-system 'x)
+  (if (memq window-system '(x gtk))
 	"medium violet red" "indianred4" "firebrick1" "DarkGoldenrod"
 	"NavyBlue" "darkorchid" "tomato3" "mediumseagreen" "deeppink"
 (defvar hyperb:mouse-buttons
-  (if (or (and hyperb:microcruft-os-p (not (eq window-system 'x)))
+  (if (or (and hyperb:microcruft-os-p (not (memq window-system '(x gtk))))
 	  (and hyperb:emacs19-p (memq window-system '(ns dps))))
       2 3)
   "*Number of live buttons available on the mouse.
   "Returns the first part of the term-type if running under a window system, else nil.
 Where a part in the term-type is delimited by a `-' or  an `_'."
   (let* ((display-type (if (fboundp 'device-type) (device-type) window-system))
-	 (term (cond ((memq display-type '(x mswindows win32 w32 ns dps pm))
+	 (term (cond ((memq display-type '(gtk x mswindows win32 w32 ns dps pm))
 		      ;; X11, NEXTSTEP (DPS), or OS/2 Presentation Manager (PM)
 		      (cond (hyperb:emacs19-p "emacs19")
 			    (hyperb:xemacs-p  "xemacs")
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