hyperbole / MANIFEST

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 DEMO                - Demonstration of basic Hyperbole button capabilities.
-HY-ABOUT            - Introductory description of Hyperbole.
-HY-NEWS             - What's new in each release of Hyperbole
-HY-README           - Information Hyperbole users and maintainers should read.      - Used for InfoDock builds of Hyperbole.
+README              - Intro information on Hyperbole.  
 Makefile            - Build Hyperbole directories and distributions.
 hversion.el         - Hyperbole version, system and load path information.
 hyperbole.el        - Sets up Hyperbole for autoloading and use.
 man/  - The Hyperbole Manual  (online version, top-level).
+man/ The Hyperbole Manual  (online version, subpart N).
 man/hyperbole.texi  - The Hyperbole Manual  (source form).
 man/hypb-mouse.txt  - Summarizes Smart Key behaviors in different contexts.
-Visit to read an HTML version of the manual.
 hmous-info.el       - Walks through Info networks using one key.
 hmouse-drv.el       - Smart Key/Mouse driver functions.
 hmouse-sh.el        - System-dependent Smart Mouse Key bindings (using shift key).
 hmouse-tag.el       - Smart Key support of programming language tags location.
 hui-em19-b.el       - GNU Emacs V19 button highlighting and flashing support.
+hui-ep-but.el       - Support for highlighting/flashing buttons under Epoch.
+hui-epV4-b.el       - Epoch V4-specific button support.
 hui-menu.el         - InfoDock/Emacs menubar menu of Hyperbole commands.
 hui-mini.el         - One line command menus for Hyperbole.
 hui-mouse.el        - Use key or mouse key for many functions, e.g. Hypb menus.
 hvar.el             - Variable manipulation routines for Hyperbole.
 smart-clib-sym      - Test whether symbol appears within a set of C libraries.
 TAGS                - Tags lookup table for this and kotl/ directories.
-.hypb & _hypb       - Button data files used by the Hypebole DEMO file.
+hsys-hbase.el       - Hyperbole support for the Hyperbase system.
 hsys-wais.el        - Hyperbole support for WAIS browsing.
 hsys-w3.el          - Hyperbole support for Emacs W3 World-Wide Web (WWW) browsing.