hyperbole / hmouse-key.el

;;; hmouse-key.el --- Load "hmouse-sh.el" or "hmouse-reg.el" for Smart Key bindings.

;; Copyright (C) 1994-1995, 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Developed with support from Motorola Inc.

;; Author: Bob Weiner, Brown U.
;; Maintainer: Mats Lidell <>
;; Keywords: hypermedia, mouse

;; This file is part of GNU Hyperbole.

;; GNU Hyperbole is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at
;; your option) any later version.

;; GNU Hyperbole is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

;;; Commentary:
;;   Supports Epoch, Lucid Emacs, X, Sunview, NEXTSTEP, and Apollo DM
;;   window systems.
;;   'hmouse-shift-buttons' globally binds the Action and Assist Mouse Keys
;;   to either shifted or unshifted mouse buttons.
;;   'hmouse-toggle-bindings' may be bound to a key.  It switches between
;;   the Hyperbole mouse bindings and previous mouse key bindings any time
;;   after 'hmouse-shift-buttons' has been called.

;;; Code:

;;; Other required Elisp libraries

(require 'hversion)
(require 'hmouse-drv)
(require 'h-skip-bytec "h-skip-bytec.lsp")

;;; Public variables

(eval (cdr (assoc hyperb:window-system
		    ;; XEmacs and Emacs 19 pre-load their mouse libraries, so
		    ;; we shouldn't have to require them here.
		    ("xterm"   . (require 'x-mouse))     ; X
		    ("epoch"   . (require 'mouse))       ; UofI Epoch
		    ("next"    . (load "eterm-fns" t))   ; NeXTstep
		    ("sun"     . (require 'sun-fns))     ; SunView
		    ("apollo"  . (require 'apollo))      ; Display Manager

;;; Public functions

(defun hmouse-set-bindings (key-binding-list)
  "Sets mouse keys used as Smart Keys to bindings in KEY-BINDING-LIST.
KEY-BINDING-LIST is the value returned by 'hmouse-get-bindings' prior to
Smart Key setup."
    ;; GNU Emacs 19, Lucid Emacs, XEmacs or InfoDock
    ((or (if (not noninteractive) (or hyperb:xemacs-p hyperb:emacs19-p))
	 (equal hyperb:window-system "xemacs"))
	 (lambda (key-and-binding)
	  (global-set-key (car key-and-binding) (cdr key-and-binding))))
    ;; X
    ((equal hyperb:window-system "xterm")
	 (lambda (key-and-binding)
	   (define-key mouse-map (car key-and-binding) (cdr key-and-binding))))
    ;; Epoch
    ((equal hyperb:window-system "epoch")
	 (lambda (key-and-binding)
	  (aset mouse::global-map (car key-and-binding)
		(cdr key-and-binding))))
    ;; SunView or NeXT
    ((or (equal hyperb:window-system "next")
	 (equal hyperb:window-system "sun"))
	 (lambda (key-and-binding)
	   (global-set-mouse (car key-and-binding) (cdr key-and-binding))))
    ;; Apollo Display Manager
    ((equal hyperb:window-system "apollo")
      (if (string< emacs-version "18.58")
	      (lambda (key-and-binding)
		(global-set-key (car key-and-binding) (cdr key-and-binding))))
	    (lambda (key-and-binding)
	      (define-key 'apollo-prefix (car key-and-binding)
		(cdr key-and-binding)))) 

(defun hmouse-shift-buttons (&optional arg)
  "Selects between shifted and unshifted Action and Assist mouse buttons.
With optional prefix ARG, use shifted buttons if ARG is positive or use
unshifted buttons otherwise.  If ARG is nil, shifted buttons are used and
under InfoDock the middle button also acts as an Action Key."
  (interactive "P")
  (setq hmouse-shift-flag (if arg
			      (> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0)
			    (not (and (boundp 'infodock-version)
  (if hmouse-shift-flag
      ;; Action Key = shift-middle mouse key.  Assist Key = shift-right mouse
      ;; key.  Standard Hyperbole configuration.
      (load "hmouse-sh")
    ;; Action Key = middle mouse key; Assist Key = right mouse key
    ;; InfoDock actually moves the Assist Key to the shift-right mouse key so
    ;; that the right key can be used for popup menus.
    (load "hmouse-reg"))
  ;; Replace any original mouse bindings before moving Hyperbole bindings and
  ;; then force reinitialization of hmouse-previous-bindings.
  (if (and hmouse-bindings-flag hmouse-previous-bindings)
      (hmouse-set-bindings hmouse-previous-bindings))
  (setq hmouse-bindings-flag nil
	hmouse-previous-bindings nil)
  ;; Initialize Hyperbole mouse bindings.
  (if (interactive-p)
      (message "%s Action and Assist mouse buttons in use."
	       (if hmouse-shift-flag "Shifted" "Unshifted"))))

(defun hmouse-toggle-bindings ()
  "Toggles between Smart Key mouse settings and their prior bindings."
  (let ((key-binding-list (if hmouse-bindings-flag
	(other-list-var (if hmouse-bindings-flag
    (if key-binding-list
	  (set other-list-var (hmouse-get-bindings))
	  (hmouse-set-bindings key-binding-list)
	  (message "%s mouse bindings in use."
		   (if (setq hmouse-bindings-flag (not hmouse-bindings-flag))
		       "Smart Key" "Personal")))
      (error "(hmouse-toggle-bindings): Null %s." other-list-var))))

(defun hmouse-set-point-at (set-point-arg-list)
  "Sets point to cursor position using SET-POINT-ARG-LIST and returns t.
If 'hmouse-set-point-command' is not bound to a function, this does nothing
and returns nil."
  (if (fboundp hmouse-set-point-command)
	(if (and (boundp 'drag-zone) drag-zone)
	    (progn (delete-zone drag-zone)
		   (setq drag-zone nil))
	  (and (boundp 'drag-button) drag-button
	       (progn (delete-button drag-button)
		      (setq drag-button nil))))
	(or (if set-point-arg-list
		(funcall hmouse-set-point-command set-point-arg-list)
	      (funcall hmouse-set-point-command))

;;; Private functions

(if (fboundp 'bind-apollo-mouse-button)
      (if (string< emacs-version "18.58")
	  (defun apollo-mouse-key-and-binding (mouse-button)
	    "Returns binding for an Apollo MOUSE-BUTTON (a string) or nil if none."
	    (interactive "sMouse Button: ")
	    (let ((numeric-code (cdr (assoc mouse-button *apollo-mouse-buttons*))))
	      (if (null numeric-code)
		  (error "(hmouse-key): %s is not a valid Apollo mouse key name."
	      (if (stringp numeric-code)
		  (setq numeric-code
			(cdr (assoc numeric-code *apollo-mouse-buttons*))))
	      (let ((key-sequence (concat "\M-*" (char-to-string numeric-code))))
		(cons key-sequence (global-key-binding key-sequence)))))
	(defun apollo-mouse-key-and-binding (mouse-button)
	  "Returns binding for an Apollo MOUSE-BUTTON (a string) or nil if none."
	  (interactive "sMouse Button: ")
	  (let ((numeric-code (cdr (assoc mouse-button *apollo-mouse-buttons*))))
	    (if (null numeric-code)
		(error "(hmouse-key): %s is not a valid Apollo mouse key name."
	    (if (stringp numeric-code)
		(setq numeric-code
		      (cdr (assoc numeric-code *apollo-mouse-buttons*))))
	    (let ((key-sequence (char-to-string numeric-code)))
	      (cons key-sequence (lookup-key 'apollo-prefix key-sequence)))))
      (defun apollo-mouse-move-point (&optional no-mark)
	"Used so that pressing the left mouse button, moving the cursor, and
releasing the left mouse button leaves the mark set to the initial position
and the point set to the final position.  Useful for easily marking regions
of text.  If the left mouse button is pressed and released at the same place,
the mark is left at the original position of the character cursor.

Returns (x y) frame coordinates of point in columns and lines."
	(let* ((opoint (point))
	       (owindow (selected-window))
	       (x (- (read-char) 8))
	       (y (- (read-char) 8))
	       (edges (window-edges))
	       (window nil))
	  (while (and (not (eq window (selected-window)))
		      (or (<  y (nth 1 edges))
			  (>= y (nth 3 edges))
			  (<  x (nth 0 edges))
			  (>= x (nth 2 edges))))
	    (setq window (next-window window))
	    (setq edges (window-edges window)))
	  (if (and window (not (eq window (selected-window))))
		(if (and (not *apollo-mouse-move-point-allow-minibuffer-exit*)
			 (eq (selected-window) (minibuffer-window)))
		    (error "Cannot use mouse to leave minibuffer!"))
		(if (eq window (minibuffer-window))
		    (error "Cannot use mouse to enter minibuffer!"))))
	  (if window (select-window window))
	  (move-to-window-line (- y (nth 1 edges)))
	  (let* ((width-1 (1- (window-width window)))
		 (wraps (/ (current-column) width-1))
		 (prompt-length (if (eq (selected-window) (minibuffer-window))
	    (move-to-column (+ (- x (nth 0 edges) prompt-length)
			       (* wraps width-1))))
	  (if no-mark
	      (progn (setq window (selected-window))
		     (if (eq owindow window)
			 (if (equal opoint (point))
		       (select-window owindow)
		       (select-window window)))
	    (set-mark-command nil))
	  ;; Return (x y) coords of point in column and frame line numbers.
	  (list x y)))

(defun action-key-depress (&rest args)
  (require 'hsite)
  (setq action-key-depress-prev-point (point-marker)
	action-key-depressed-flag t
	action-key-depress-args (hmouse-set-point args)
	action-key-depress-window (selected-window)
	action-key-release-args nil
	action-key-release-window nil
	action-key-release-prev-point nil)
  (if assist-key-depressed-flag
      (or action-key-help-flag
	  (setq assist-key-help-flag t))))

(defun assist-key-depress (&rest args)
  (require 'hsite)
  (setq assist-key-depress-prev-point (point-marker)
	assist-key-depressed-flag t
	assist-key-depress-args (hmouse-set-point args)
	assist-key-depress-window (selected-window)
	assist-key-release-args nil
	assist-key-release-window nil
	assist-key-release-prev-point nil)
  (if action-key-depressed-flag
      (or assist-key-help-flag
	  (setq action-key-help-flag t)))

(defun action-key-depress-emacs19 (event)
  (interactive "e")
  (require 'hsite)
  (action-key-depress event))

(defun assist-key-depress-emacs19 (event)
  (interactive "e")
  (require 'hsite)
  (assist-key-depress event))

(defun action-mouse-key-emacs19 (event)
  "Set point to the current mouse cursor position and execute 'action-key'.
EVENT will be passed to 'hmouse-function'."
  (interactive "e")
  (action-mouse-key (hmouse-key-release-args-emacs19 event)))

(defun assist-mouse-key-emacs19 (event)
  "Set point to the current mouse cursor position and execute 'action-key'.
EVENT will be passed to 'hmouse-function'."
  (interactive "e")
  (assist-mouse-key (hmouse-key-release-args-emacs19 event)))

(defun hmouse-key-release-args-emacs19 (event)
  (let ((ev-type-str (and (listp event) (symbol-name (car event)))))
    (if (or (and ev-type-str
		 (string-match "\\(double\\|triple\\)-mouse" ev-type-str))
	    (not (= (length event) 3)))
      ;; Remove depress coordinates and send only release coordinates.
      (list (car event) (nth 2 event)))))

(defun hmouse-move-point-xemacs ()
  (condition-case ()
      (mouse-set-point current-mouse-event)
    ;; Catch "not in a window" errors, e.g. on modeline
    (error nil)))

(defun hmouse-move-point-eterm (arg-list)
  (apply 'mouse-move-point arg-list))

;;; Private variables

(defvar hmouse-bindings nil
  "List of (key . binding) pairs for Smart Mouse Keys.")

(defvar hmouse-bindings-flag nil
  "True if Smart Key mouse bindings are in use, else nil.")

(defvar hmouse-previous-bindings nil
  "List of previous (key . binding) pairs for mouse keys used as Smart Keys.")

(provide 'hmouse-key)

;;; hmouse-key.el ends here