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hyperbole / hui-ep-but.el

;; FILE:         hui-ep-but.el
;; SUMMARY:      Support for highlighting/flashing buttons under Epoch.
;; USAGE:        Epoch V4 Lisp Library
;; KEYWORDS:     faces, hypermedia
;; AUTHOR:       Bob Weiner
;; ORG:          BeOpen.com
;; ORIG-DATE:    27-Apr-91 at 05:37:10
;; LAST-MOD:     13-Jun-99 at 01:45:46 by Bob Weiner
;; Copyright (C) 1990-1995, BeOpen.com and the Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; See the "HY-COPY" file for license information.
;; This file is part of Hyperbole.
;; It is for use with Epoch, a modified version of GNU Emacs.
;;   This is truly prototype code.
;;   Can't use epoch read-only buttons here because then outline-mode
;;   becomes unusable; when it tries to do a 'subst-char-in-region'
;;   epoch triggers a read-only error.

(if (and (boundp 'epoch::version) (stringp epoch::version)
	 (or noninteractive (string-lessp epoch::version "Epoch 4")))
  (error "(hui-ep-but.el): Load only under Epoch version 3 or lower."))

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Other required Elisp libraries
;;; ************************************************************************

(require 'hbut)

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Public variables
;;; ************************************************************************

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Public functions
;;; ************************************************************************

(fset 'hproperty:but-add 'epoch::add-button)

(defun hproperty:but-color ()
  "Return current color of buffer's buttons."
  (if hproperty:color-ptr
      (car hproperty:color-ptr)

(defun hproperty:but-create-all (&optional start-delim end-delim regexp-match)
  "Mark all hyper-buttons in buffer as Epoch buttons, for later highlighting.
Will use optional strings START-DELIM and END-DELIM instead of default values.
If END-DELIM is a symbol, e.g. t, then START-DELIM is taken as a regular
expression which matches an entire button string.
If REGEXP-MATCH is non-nil, only buttons matching this argument are
  (ebut:map (function (lambda (lbl start end)
			(hproperty:but-add start end hproperty:but)))
	    start-delim end-delim regexp-match 'include-delims))
(defun hproperty:but-delete (&optional pos)
  (epoch::delete-button-at (or pos (point))))

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Private functions
;;; ************************************************************************

(defmacro hproperty:list-cycle (list-ptr list)
  "Move LIST-PTR to next element in LIST or when at end to first element."
  (` (or (and (, list-ptr)
	      (setq (, list-ptr) (cdr (, list-ptr))))
	 (setq (, list-ptr) (, list)))))

;;; ************************************************************************
;;; Private variables
;;; ************************************************************************

(defconst hproperty:color-list '( "red" "blue" "paleturquoise4" "mediumpurple2"
"lightskyblue3" "springgreen2" "salmon" "yellowgreen" "darkorchid2"
"aquamarine4" "slateblue4" "slateblue1" "olivedrab1" "goldenrod4"
"goldenrod3" "cadetblue2" "burlywood1" "slategrey" "mistyrose"
"limegreen" "lightcyan" "goldenrod" "gainsboro" "skyblue1" "honeydew"
"yellow2" "tomato3" "skyblue" "purple4" "orange3" "bisque3" "bisque2"
"grey34" "gray99" "gray63" "gray44" "gray37" "gray33" "gray26" "azure1"
"snow4" "peru" "red" "lightgoldenrod4" "mediumseagreen" "blush"
"mediumorchid2" "lightskyblue1" "darkslateblue" "midnightblue"
"lightsalmon1" "lemonchiffon" "yellow" "lightsalmon" "coral"
"dodgerblue3" "darkorange4" "blue" "royalblue4" "red" "green" "cyan"
"darkviolet" "darksalmon" "darkorange" "blue" "pink" "magenta2"
"sienna4" "khaki2" "grey75" "grey74" "grey73" "grey69" "grey68" "grey35"
"grey13" "gray90" "gray81" "gray55" "gray51" "gray31" "snow2" "pink3"
"grey7" "gray1" "red4" "red3" "tan" "red" "yellow" "mediumvioletred"
"lightslategrey" "lavenderblush4" "turquoise" "darkturquoise"
"darkslategrey" "lightskyblue" "lightsalmon4" "lightsalmon3"
"forestgreen" "dodgerblue4" "orchid" "rosybrown4" "brown" "peachpuff3"
"palegreen3" "orangered2" "rose" "lightcyan4" "indianred4" "indianred3"
"seagreen2" "indianred" "deeppink1" "navyblue" "lavender" "grey"
"deeppink" "salmon4" "salmon3" "oldlace" "grey78" "grey77" "grey54"
"grey45" "grey21" "gray97" "gray96" "gray95" "gray88" "gray87" "gray86"
"gray70" "gray57" "gray38" "gray12" "gray11" "plum3" "linen" "gray9"
"gray8" "blue4" "beige" "turquoise" "blue" "lemonchiffon4"
"darkseagreen1" "antiquewhite3" "mediumorchid" "springgreen"
"turquoise4" "steelblue3" "mistyrose2" "lightcyan2" "red" "firebrick2"
"royalblue" "cadetblue" "skyblue3" "yellow3" "salmon1" "orange4"
"hotpink" "grey90" "gray56" "gray39" "gray18" "gray14" "plum4" "grey6"
"gray6" "gold3" "gold1" "blue2" "tan2" "cyan" "mediumspringgreen"
"darkolivegreen2" "goldenrod" "lightsteelblue" "brown" "whip"
"chartreuse3" "violetred4" "royalblue2" "royalblue1" "papayawhip"
"mistyrose3" "lightcyan1" "aquamarine" "skyblue4" "hotpink4" "hotpink3"
"hotpink2" "dimgray" "tomato" "grey66" "grey65" "grey64" "grey33"
"grey27" "gray76" "gray69" "gray68" "grey0" "azure" "green"
"darkgoldenrod4" "darkgoldenrod3" "darkgoldenrod2" "darkgoldenrod"
"brown" "lightsalmon2" "deepskyblue4" "deepskyblue3" "deepskyblue2"
"deepskyblue" "darkorange1" "violetred3" "violetred2" "violetred1"
"slateblue3" "slateblue2" "drab" "indianred1" "firebrick1" "cadetblue4"
"violetred" "rosybrown" "blue" "firebrick" "grey100" "wheat4" "grey79"
"grey76" "grey61" "gray93" "gray84" "gray65" "gray36" "gray32" "gray13"
"gray10" "azure3" "snow1" "tan1" "gray" "darkolivegreen1" "blue"
"almond" "lavenderblush3" "lavenderblush2" "lavenderblush1"
"darkolivegreen" "lavenderblush" "aquamarine2" "red" "olivedrab2"
"mistyrose4" "mistyrose1" "lightcyan3" "lightcoral" "chartreuse"
"peachpuff" "palegreen" "mintcream" "skyblue2" "moccasin" "tomato1"
"orchid3" "maroon3" "salmon" "grey81" "grey62" "grey39" "grey38"
"grey37" "gray92" "gray83" "gray66" "gray54" "gray50" "gray30" "gray19"
"gray15" "azure4" "grey3" "tan3" "pink" "gray" "blue" "lightsteelblue2"
"lightsteelblue1" "green" "lightslategray" "lemonchiffon2"
"springgreen1" "greenyellow" "chartreuse2" "grey" "royalblue3"
"powderblue" "peachpuff2" "palegreen2" "cream" "slateblue" "seashell2"
"deeppink2" "darkkhaki" "maroon4" "sienna" "grey71" "grey67" "grey18"
"gray59" "gray43" "gray25" "bisque" "red1" "mediumslateblue"
"lightgoldenrod1" "goldenrod" "paleturquoise3" "lightskyblue4" "green"
"yellow" "smoke" "blue" "white" "steelblue4" "rosybrown3" "peachpuff1"
"palegreen1" "blueviolet" "seashell4" "sienna3" "grey40" "gray91"
"gray82" "gray5" "cyan2" "cyan1" "blue1" "snow" "lightgoldenrod2"
"lightslateblue" "mediumorchid3" "darkseagreen4" "springgreen3" "green"
"slategray4" "slategray3" "slategray2" "blue" "peachpuff4" "palegreen4"
"green" "orangered3" "goldenrod1" "ghostwhite" "firebrick4" "firebrick3"
"cadetblue3" "slategray" "seashell3" "honeydew3" "cornsilk4" "cornsilk2"
"purple1" "dimgrey" "khaki1" "ivory3" "grey70" "grey60" "grey32"
"grey22" "grey12" "gray98" "gray89" "gray71" "gray64" "gray60" "gray49"
"azure2" "gray3" "paleturquoise1" "mediumpurple1" "purple"
"lemonchiffon1" "blue" "navajowhite3" "darkorchid1" "orange"
"goldenrod2" "khaki" "chocolate2" "burlywood2" "honeydew1" "darkgreen"
"thistle3" "thistle2" "thistle1" "thistle" "maroon2" "maroon1" "grey53"
"grey44" "grey25" "gray74" "gray45" "gray41" "gray35" "gray27" "gray23"
"gray16" "brown4" "wheat" "coral" "tan4" "lightgoldenrodyellow" "blue"
"green" "gray" "palevioletred3" "mediumpurple4" "mediumpurple3"
"saddlebrown" "blue" "darkorchid4" "darkorchid3" "puff" "olivedrab4"
"lightblue4" "lightpink" "lightgray" "honeydew2" "cornsilk1" "lace"
"sienna1" "bisque4" "orchid" "khaki3" "grey84" "grey83" "grey82"
"grey72" "grey52" "grey43" "grey26" "grey14" "grey10" "gray75" "gray53"
"gray21" "gray20" "brown3" "grey8" "red2" "navy" "grey" "gold"
"mediumaquamarine" "lightgoldenrod" "darkslategray4" "darkseagreen3"
"darkseagreen2" "antiquewhite4" "white" "springgreen4" "lightyellow4"
"white" "aquamarine1" "turquoise3" "steelblue2" "rosybrown2" "pink"
"gray" "indianred2" "dodgerblue" "green" "seagreen1" "deeppink4"
"aliceblue" "magenta1" "pink" "sienna2" "orchid1" "gray100" "grey97"
"grey94" "grey87" "grey86" "grey51" "grey42" "grey19" "gray94" "gray85"
"gray61" "brown2" "khaki" "grey1" "gold4" "blue" "green" "grey"
"turquoise" "paleturquoise" "mediumorchid4" "antiquewhite2"
"lightyellow2" "violet" "salmon" "chartreuse1" "turquoise1" "sandybrown"
"orangered1" "lightpink1" "lightblue2" "lightblue1" "grey" "seagreen4"
"seagreen3" "lightblue" "deeppink3" "burlywood" "seashell" "hotpink1"
"gray" "yellow4" "yellow" "purple" "orange" "ivory4" "grey99" "grey89"
"grey63" "grey58" "grey49" "grey31" "grey24" "grey20" "green4" "green1"
"gray73" "gray67" "coral3" "coral2" "plum2" "pink4" "ivory" "gray4"
"gray2" "gold2" "aquamarine" "grey" "lightgoldenrod3" "darkolivegreen3"
"darkgoldenrod1" "goldenrod" "orchid" "chiffon" "navajowhite4"
"deepskyblue1" "lightyellow" "floralwhite" "blue" "mediumblue"
"chocolate4" "chocolate3" "burlywood4" "turquoise" "steelblue" "green"
"lawngreen" "honeydew4" "seagreen" "orchid4" "wheat1" "violet" "ivory1"
"grey88" "grey85" "grey57" "grey56" "grey55" "grey48" "grey47" "grey46"
"grey30" "grey17" "gray47" "gray29" "pink2" "grey5" "grey4" "green"
"gray0" "brown" "lightsteelblue4" "darkolivegreen4" "palevioletred4"
"blue" "darkslategray3" "darkslategray2" "darkslategray1"
"blanchedalmond" "palegoldenrod" "blue" "lightseagreen" "lemonchiffon3"
"darkslategray" "green" "darkseagreen" "antiquewhite" "darkorange2"
"chartreuse4" "blue" "rosybrown1" "olivedrab3" "lightpink2" "orangered"
"thistle4" "blue" "cornsilk" "salmon2" "orchid2" "ivory2" "grey93"
"grey92" "grey91" "grey36" "grey29" "grey28" "grey16" "gray79" "gray78"
"gray77" "gray48" "gray17" "coral4" "coral1" "plum1" "pink1" "grey9"
"grey2" "gray7" "cyan4" "blue3" "plum" "cornflowerblue" "lightskyblue2"
"antiquewhite1" "navajowhite2" "navajowhite1" "lightyellow3"
"navajowhite" "darkorange3" "whitesmoke" "turquoise2" "steelblue1"
"lightpink4" "lightblue3" "green" "chocolate1" "blue" "olivedrab"
"lightgrey" "chocolate" "magenta4" "magenta3" "yellow1" "purple3"
"purple2" "orange2" "orange1" "magenta" "bisque1" "wheat2" "maroon"
"khaki4" "grey96" "grey95" "grey80" "grey50" "grey41" "grey15" "grey11"
"gray80" "gray58" "gray40" "gray34" "gray22" "brown1" "snow3"
"mediumturquoise" "lightsteelblue3" "palevioletred2" "palevioletred1"
"paleturquoise2" "green" "palevioletred" "mediumorchid1" "white"
"mediumpurple" "lightyellow1" "dodgerblue2" "dodgerblue1" "violet"
"aquamarine3" "slategray1" "gray" "orangered4" "lightpink3" "blue"
"darkorchid" "cadetblue1" "burlywood3" "seashell1" "cornsilk3" "tomato4"
"tomato2" "wheat3" "grey98" "grey59" "grey23" "green3" "green2" "gray72"
"gray62" "gray52" "gray46" "gray42" "gray28" "gray24" "white" "cyan3"
"black" ))

(defvar hproperty:color-ptr nil
  "Pointer to current color name table to use for Hyperbole buttons in Epoch.")

(defconst hproperty:good-colors
    "medium violet red" "indianred4" "firebrick1" "DarkGoldenrod" "NavyBlue"
    "darkorchid" "tomato3" "mediumseagreen" "deeppink" "forestgreen"
    "mistyrose4" "slategrey" "purple4" "dodgerblue3" "mediumvioletred"
    "lightsalmon3" "orangered2" "turquoise4" "Gray55"
  "Good colors for contrast against wheat background and black foreground.")

(provide 'hui-ep-but)