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add a few menu separators

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+2002-02-19  John Paul Wallington  <>
+	* ibuffer.el (ibuffer-mode-sort-menu): add menu separators.
+	(ibuffer-mode-mark-menu): ditto.
+	(ibuffer-operate-menu-data): ditto.
 2002-02-18  John Paul Wallington  <>
 	* ibuffer.el (ibuffer-shrink-to-fit): don't resize when sole
 	(ibuffer-insert-buffers-and-marks): don't bind after-change-functions
 	to nil.
 	(ibuffer-mode): use ibuffer-truncate-lines.  Make fontification work.
-	* ibuf-ext.el (toggle-sorting-mode): rewrite.  Kludge.
+	* ibuf-ext.el (toggle-sorting-mode): rewrite.
 	(ibuffer-occur-props): make it buffer local.
 	(ibuffer-occur-mode-map): use [buttonx], not [(mouse-x)].
 	(ibuffer-occur-engine): use text property instead of overlay.
       ["Toggle sorting mode" ibuffer-toggle-sorting-mode t]
       ["Reverse sorting order" ibuffer-invert-sorting t]
+      "----"
       ["Sort by view time" ibuffer-do-sort-by-recency t]
       ["Sort lexicographically" ibuffer-do-sort-by-alphabetic t]
       ["Sort by buffer size" ibuffer-do-sort-by-size t]
       ["Toggle marks" ibuffer-toggle-marks t]
       ["Mark" ibuffer-mark-forward t]
       ["Unmark" ibuffer-unmark-forward t]
+      "----"
       ["Mark by mode..." ibuffer-mark-by-mode t]
       ["Mark modified buffers" ibuffer-mark-modified-buffers t]
       ["Mark unsaved buffers" ibuffer-mark-unsaved-buffers t]
     ["View" ibuffer-do-view t]
     ["View (separate frame)" ibuffer-do-view-other-frame t]
     ["Save" ibuffer-do-save t]
+    "----"
     ["Replace (regexp)..." ibuffer-do-replace-regexp t]
     ["Query Replace..." ibuffer-do-query-replace t]
     ["Query Replace (regexp)..." ibuffer-do-query-replace-regexp t]
+    "----"
     ["Print" ibuffer-do-print t]
     ["Revert" ibuffer-do-revert t]
     ["Rename Uniquely" ibuffer-do-rename-uniquely t]
     ["Kill" ibuffer-do-delete t]
     ["List lines matching..." ibuffer-do-occur t]
+    "----"
     ["Shell Command..." ibuffer-do-shell-command t]
     ["Shell Command (replace)..." ibuffer-do-shell-command-replace t]
     ["Eval..." ibuffer-do-eval t]