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;;; -*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-

;;; ilisp.el --
;;; This file is part of ILISP.
;;; Please refer to the file COPYING for copyrights and licensing
;;; information.
;;; Please refer to the file ACKNOWLEGDEMENTS for an (incomplete) list
;;; of present and past contributors.
;;; $Id$     

;;; Author: Chris McConnell <ccm@cs.cmu.edu>
;;; Maintainer: The Net <ilisp@cons.org>
;;; Created: 14 Jun 1994
;;; Version: 5.10.1
;;; Keywords: lisp common-lisp scheme comint

;;; This file may become part of GNU Emacs in the near future.

;;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.  No author or distributor
;;; accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it
;;; or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all,
;;; unless he says so in writing.  Refer to the GNU Emacs General Public
;;; License for full details.

;;; Everyone is granted permission to copy, modify and redistribute
;;; GNU Emacs, but only under the conditions described in the
;;; GNU Emacs General Public License.   A copy of this license is
;;; supposed to have been given to you along with GNU Emacs so you
;;; can know your rights and responsibilities.  It should be in a
;;; file named COPYING.  Among other things, the copyright notice
;;; and this notice must be preserved on all copies.

;;; *****************************************************************
;;; Please read the texinfo file (via m-x info in emacs or tex it and
;;; print it out) for installation instructions.
;;; *****************************************************************

;;; This file defines a generic LISP interface that can be customized
;;; to match a specific LISP dialect.  Support is already provided for
;;; a number of common LISP dialects.  Lucid, Allegro and CMU are
;;; fully supported.  Other LISP dialects are missing features like
;;; arglist and find-source.

;;; Since this is built on top of the general command-interpreter-in-
;;; a-buffer mode (comint mode), it shares a common base
;;; functionality, and a common set of bindings, with all modes
;;; derived from comint mode.  This makes it easier to use.

;;; For documentation on the functionality provided by comint mode,
;;; and the hooks available for customizing it, see the file
;;; comint.el.

;;; Throughout this file you will find comment lines with %'s on them.
;;; These lines define sections for outline mode which I use while
;;; programming to temporarily hide code.

;;; See the documentation for ILISP mode, or read texinfo document for
;;; information.  All of the EMACS function names begin or end with
;;; lisp or ilisp to separate ilisp functions from functions in other
;;; packages.  Functions that work only in lisp buffers or that work
;;; in both lisp buffers and inferior lisp buffers use lisp, all other
;;; functions use ilisp.  If a function is intended to be used
;;; interactively, then the lisp or ilisp comes at the end of the
;;; function name, otherwise at the start.

;;; If you type multiple things to the top level before you get a
;;; prompt, the LISP may be running with the status light indicating
;;; ready.  This is because I have no way to distinguish between input
;;; to a program and that to the top level.
;;; When running a lisp on Ultrix, you need to set ilisp-program to
;;; "/bin/sh -c your/path/your-lisp-image".
;;; If you get lisp output breaking up in weird places it almost
;;; certainly means that comint-prompt-regexp is not precise enough.
;;; I would like to eat Lucid's return from break in the process
;;; filter, but I can't tell how many newlines to eat after.


;; Recent contributors include (in alphabetical order):

;; Marco Antoniotti, Robert P. Goldman, Larry Hunter, Eyvind Ness, 
;; Ivan Vazquez, Fred White

(require 'cl)

(if (string-match "\\`18" emacs-version)
    (load "comint-v18") ; Included older version of comint.
  (require 'comint))

;;; Trying to be compatible with all *Emacs versions.
(load "ilcompat")

(load "comint-ipc")

;; This is optional -- used only by io-bridge-ilisp
(unless (or (eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'fsf-20)
	    (and (eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'fsf-19)
		 (>= +ilisp-emacs-minor-version-number+ 29)))
  (load "bridge"))

;;; Load the ILISP provided hyperspec if needed.

(unless (featurep 'hyperspec)
  (load-library "extra/hyperspec"))

;;; 19990806 Martin Atzmueller
;;; Added support for ILISP EASY-MENU. Muts be loaded *before* the
;;; rest of ILISP.

(unless (load "ilisp-all.elc" t)
  ;; not integrated yet!
  ;; (load "custom-ilisp")

  (load "ilisp-def")

  ;; (load "ilisp-el") ; Gotten rid of all the functions in it.
  (load "ilisp-sym")
  (load "ilisp-inp")
  (load "ilisp-ind")

  (load "ilisp-prc")
  (load "ilisp-val")
  (load "ilisp-out")
  (load "ilisp-mov")
  (load "ilisp-key")
  (load "ilisp-prn")
  (load "ilisp-low")
  (load "ilisp-doc")
  (load "ilisp-ext")			; Some emacs-lisp
					; bindings. Lisp char syntax.
  (load "ilisp-mod")
  (load "ilisp-dia")
  (load "ilisp-cmt")
  (load "ilisp-rng")
  (load "ilisp-hnd")
  (load "ilisp-utl")
  (load "ilisp-cmp")
  (load "ilisp-kil")
  (load "ilisp-snd")
  (load "ilisp-xfr")
  (load "ilisp-hi")
  (load "ilisp-aut")
  ;; (load "ilisp-mnb") ; Loaded last. Check end of file.

  ;; Dialects.
  ;; The user will define their autoloads to load "ilisp" when trying
  ;; to run their dialect.  This will load all of the dialects in.
  (load "ilisp-cl")
  (load "ilisp-cmu")
  (load "ilisp-sbcl")
  (load "ilisp-chs")
  (load "ilisp-acl")
  (load "ilisp-hlw")
  (load "ilisp-kcl")
  (load "ilisp-luc")
  (load "ilisp-sch")


;;; Create the keymaps before running the hooks.
;;; This is necessary if you want the lispm bindings in the load
;;; hook. Otherwise you need to put it AFTER the running of the hooks

;;; (if (not ilisp-mode-map) (ilisp-bindings))

;;; Now run the hooks.

(run-hooks 'ilisp-site-hook)
;;; (run-hooks 'load-hook)
(run-hooks 'ilisp-load-hook)		; It seem s more reasonable.

(unless ilisp-mode-map (ilisp-bindings))

;;; Optional:

;;; Old version menu using XEmacs DEF-MENU.
;;; (load "ilisp-menu")
;;; 19990818 Marco Antoniotti

;;; Load the simple keymap based "Lisp" menu if the easy-menus are not
;;; yet loaded.
;;; 19990818 Marco Antoniotti

(message "Loading menu interface.")
(message "'ilisp-*enable-cl-easy-meny-p*' is %s"

(unless (and (member +ilisp-emacs-version-id+
		     '(xemacs lucid-19 lucid-19-new fsf-20))
	     (or ilisp-*enable-cl-easy-menu-p*
  (load "ilisp-mnb"))

(when (and (member +ilisp-emacs-version-id+
		   '(xemacs lucid-19 lucid-19-new fsf-20))
  (load "ilisp-cl-easy-menu"))

(when (and (member +ilisp-emacs-version-id+
		   '(xemacs lucid-19 lucid-19-new fsf-20))
  (load "ilisp-scheme-easy-menu"))

;;; ILD Support by J. M. Siskind <qobi@neci.nj.nec.com>
;;; 19990818 Marco Antoniotti

(when ilisp-*enable-ild-support-p*
  (load "ild"))
;;; IMENU Support
;;; 2000-03-04 Martin Atzmueller

(when (and ilisp-*enable-imenu-p*
           (not (eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'xemacs)))
  (when (ignore-errors (require 'imenu))
    (load "ilisp-imenu")))

(provide 'ilisp)

;;; end of file -- ilisp.el --