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Tidy up following BOOT_XEMACS changes.
Set BOOT_XEMACS to `xemacs -batch' if not in the cvs tree;
ilisp-mak.el will compile the cltl2.el and hyperspec.el files
so removed additional build rule;
Added *.pfsl files to list of native binaries to clean up.

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 rules-file = $(wildcard ../../XEmacs.rules)
 ifeq ($(rules-file),)
-        XEMACS ?= xemacs
+        BOOT_XEMACS ?= xemacs -batch
 	DOCS = ../../man/ilisp
         include ../../XEmacs.rules
 	DOCS = docs
-FaslFiles = *.fasl *.fas *.lib *.x86f *.sparcf
+FaslFiles = *.fasl *.fas *.lib *.x86f *.sparcf *.pfsl
 # The 'rm' command used (we redefine it mostly because it may be
 # aliased
 RM = /bin/rm -f
-all:: compile $(ELCS_1) auto-autoloads.elc $(DOCS)/
+all:: compile auto-autoloads.elc $(DOCS)/
 	$(MAKE) -C docs PACKAGE=$(PACKAGE) html
 	$(BOOT_XEMACS) -l ilisp-mak.el
-	$(BOOT_XEMACS) -f batch-byte-compile extra/hyperspec.el extra/cltl2.el
 	gzip *.el
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