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;;; -*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-

;;; ilcompat.el --
;;; This file is part of ILISP.
;;; Please refer to the file COPYING for copyrights and licensing
;;; information.
;;; Please refer to the file ACKNOWLEGDEMENTS for an (incomplete) list
;;; of present and past contributors.
;;; $Id$

(require 'cl)

;;; Global definitions/declarations

(defconst +ilisp-emacs-version-id+
    (cond ((string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version)
	  ((string-match "Lucid" emacs-version)
	   (if (string-match "^19.[0-7][^0-9]" emacs-version)
	  ((string-match "^19" emacs-version)
	  ((string-match "^2[01]" emacs-version)
	  (t 'fsf-18))
  "The version of Emacs ILISP is running in.
Declared as '(member fsf-19 fsf-19 fsf-20 lucid-19 lucid-19-new xemacs).
Set in ilcompat.el.")

(defconst +ilisp-emacs-minor-version-number+
    (cond ((eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'fsf-18) 59)
	  ((or  (eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'lucid-19)
		(eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'lucid-19-new)
	   12)				; Does emacs-minor-version work?
	  ((eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'xemacs) 14)
	  (t emacs-minor-version)))

;;; Load Emacs version specific compatibility modules

(cond ((or (eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'lucid-19)
	   (eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'lucid-19-new))
       (load "illuc19"))
      ((eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'xemacs) (load "ilxemacs"))
      ((eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'fsf-18) (load "ilfsf18"))
      ((eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'fsf-19) (load "ilfsf19"))
      ((eq +ilisp-emacs-version-id+ 'fsf-20) (load "ilfsf20"))

;;; Misc. bug work-arounds and compatibility bindings

(unless (eval-when-compile (ignore-errors (last '(a . b))))
  ;; From Emacs 19.34's cl.el.
  (defun last (x &optional n)
    "Returns the last link in the list LIST.
With optional argument N, returns Nth-to-last link (default 1)."
    (if n
        (let ((m 0) (p x))
          (while (consp p) (incf m) (pop p))
          (if (<= n 0) p
            (if (< n m) (nthcdr (- m n) x) x)))
      (while (consp (cdr x)) (pop x))

;;; Epilogue

(provide 'ilcompat)

;;; end of file -- compat.el --