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Full commit
2000-04-21  Paolo Amoroso  <>

        * doc/doc-changes.txt: Restored information lost in the move to
          WARNING: This file is now obsolete and it will no longer be
          maintained. It may be removed in future releases. From now on all
          changes will be logged through CVS. For a list of changes from
          2000-02-15 to the ILISP 5.10.1 release see the HISTORY file which
          comes with the 5.10.1 distribution.

2000-02-15  Paolo Amoroso  <>

	* doc/ilisp.texi: Added @key formatting to some index entries.

2000-02-07  Paolo Amoroso  <>

	* doc/ilisp.texi (Files of ILISP): added entry for ilisp-sbcl.el.

	* INSTALLATION, doc/ilisp.texi (installation instructions):
	replaced unnecessary references to explicit version numbers
	in files (e.g. 5.9.4) with generic ones (i.e. x.y.z).

2000-02-03  Karl Fogel  <>

        * doc/ilisp.texi (Keybindings): new node, document the
        FSF-compliant keybinding situation.
        (Miscellany): removed mention of ] for `close-all-lisp' (see
        change to `lisp-bindings' in ilisp-key.el, below).

Changes to ilisp.texi (from the draft for version 5.9 to 5.9.4)

(lesson learned from maintaining this file: I should have sorted and
grouped entries by date - Paolo Amoroso ;-)

-- Updated version information about ILISP and the manual.

-- Merged changes (based on an old version of the document) done by Marco
   and distributed with 5.9 (let's hope everything is OK ;-)

-- Added the @finalout directive to prevent TeX from marking overfulls.

-- Split the @author directive over two lines to fix a huge overfull.

-- Updated and sorted the list of contributors in section "Acknowledgments"
   (double check it).

-- Updated the entry about dialect support in the list of ILISP features of
   section "Introduction".

-- Added info about ILISP-BUG in section "How to get the latest ILISP

-- Renamed section "FTP and WWW directions" to "FTP and Web directions"
   (the term WWW is out of fashion: now everybody calls it the Web; okay,
   it's a marketing trick to make ILISP look modern :)

-- Added an item about ILD to the list of ILISP features in section

-- Updated sections "How to install ILISP" and "Configuration and
   compilation" (formerly "Makefile configuration").

-- Added to section "How to install ILISP" info about the HyperSpec
   packages included with ILISP.

-- Renamed section "Makefile configuration" to "Configuration and
   compilation" (it deals with more than makefile configuration).

-- Removed section "How to define autoload entries". Now section
   "Configuration and compilation" provides appropriate instructions for
   using ilisp.emacs.

-- Updated section "Files of ILISP". Now files are sorted alphabetically.

-- Added attribute @code to the dialect names in the bullet list of section
   "How to run a Lisp process using ILISP". Now dialect names are sorted

-- Rearranged the text of section "How to run a Lisp process using ILISP"
   so that the dialect tree is not split over two pages.

-- Added XLisp and XLisp-Stat to section "How to run a Lisp process using

-- Added some info on Scheme->C support to section "How to run a Lisp
   process using ILISP".

-- Added in section "Eval and compile functions" info about the
   initializations performed by the very first inferior Lisp command
   executed by the user (from a note at the end of the Texinfo source for
   the 5.9 draft, after the @bye directive; the info about the *ILISP-SEND*
   buffer was already in the manual).

-- Documented ILISP-ARGLIST-MESSAGE-LISP-SPACE in section "Documentation

-- Added in section "Documentation functions" info about the HyperSpec
   lookup command, and warned that the fi:clman module is no longer loaded
   by default.

-- Fixed keybindings for SET-BUFFER-PACKAGE-LISP and SET-PACKAGE-LISP in
   section "Package Commands". Removed from the same section the
   description of PACKAGE-LISP, which is no longer included with ILISP.

-- Added info about TRACE-DEFUN-LISP-BREAK in section "Tracing functions"
   (from the TODO comment in the Texinfo source for the 5.9 draft; the
   comment mentioned TRACE-DEFUN-BREAK).

-- Added section "Interface to Lisp debuggers" on ILD after "Interrupts,
   aborts, and errors".

-- Added info about BOL-ILISP in section "Miscellany" (from a note at the
   end of the Texinfo source for the 5.9 draft, after the @bye directive).

-- Added info about BACKWARD-DELETE-CHAR-UNTABIFY in section "Miscellany"
   (from a note at the end of the Texinfo source for the 5.9 draft, after
   the @bye directive).

-- Added XLisp and XLisp-Stat to the hierarchy of section "ILISP

-- The hierarchies of Lisp dialects are now sorted alphabetically wherever
   possible. They have also been updated with newly supported Scheme

-- Renamed the top level Common Lisp dialect from clisp to common-lisp.

-- Renamed with a consistent capitalization all occurrences of Emacs,
   LEmacs, XEmacs, Lisp, etc. (I suspect that when people read the word
   LISP, they think to McCarthy's LISP 1.5 of the early sixties...).

-- Marked Scheme support as experimental.

-- Added several index entries.

-- Corrected a few typos.