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;;; -*- Mode: Emacs-Lisp -*-

;;; ilisp-sbcl.el --
;;; ILISP SB Common Lisp dialect definition
;;; This file is part of ILISP.
;;; Please refer to the file COPYING for copyrights and licensing
;;; information.
;;; Please refer to the file ACKNOWLEGDEMENTS for an (incomplete) list
;;; of present and past contributors.
;;; $Id$

;;;%%%Steel Bank Common Lisp
(defvar ilisp-sbcl-init-file
  ;; Note: The init file source extension (".lisp") needs to be
  ;; present in the filename, otherwise ILISP-LOAD-OR-SEND gets
  ;; confused trying to add compiled-file extensions (e.g. ".x86f"),
  ;; because it's hard-wired to look for a period (".") in order to
  ;; decide where to append the compiled-file extension.

;;; dummy sbcl-check-prompt
;; the real function-definition is set later.
(defun sbcl-check-prompt (old new)

;;; sbcl-check-prompt function for SBCL-0.6.x or earlier.
;;; WHN threatens to change the format of the break prompt one day soon, 
;;; but as of this hasn't happened yet
(defun sbcl-check-prompt-sbcl<07 (old new)
  "Compare the break level printed at the beginning of the prompt."
  (let* ((was-in-break (and old (string-match "]+" old)))
         (old-level (if was-in-break
                      (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0))
         (is-in-break (string-match "]+" new))
         (new-level (if is-in-break
                      (- (match-end 0) (match-beginning 0))
    (<= new-level old-level)))

;;; sbcl-check-prompt function for SBCL-0.7.x or later (probably).
;;; WHN not only threatened to change the format of the break prompt,
;;; but now he has done it, in sbcl 0.7, as it seems.
;;; So, we should finally take care of that.

(defun match-and-extract (prompt)
  (let ((level-1-regexp "]")
        (level-2-n-regexp "\\(\\[[0-9]+\\]\\)"))
    (let* ((level-2-p
             (string-match level-2-n-regexp prompt))
             (unless level-2-p
               (string-match level-1-regexp
           (no-level (unless (or level-1-p level-2-p) 0)))
      (cond (level-1-p 1)
              ;; level 2 or greater,
              ;; e.g. x[y] prompt
               (subseq prompt (1+ (match-beginning 0)) 
                       (1- (match-end 0)))))
(defun sbcl-check-prompt-sbcl>=07 (old new)
  "Compare the break level printed at the beginning of the prompt."
  ;; SBCL has the new break prompt sequence such as
  ;; 0] -> 0[2].
  (let* ((old-level (if old
                      (match-and-extract old)
         (new-level (if new
                      (match-and-extract new)
    (<= new-level old-level)))

;;; SBCL Versioning stuff - e.g. distinguishing between some versions ...

(defvar ilisp-*sbcl<07-version* nil)
;; Distinguish SBCL-0.6.x (or earlier) vs. SBCL-0.7.x (and probably later).

(defvar ilisp-*determine-version-lisp-string* 
  "(find-package :sb-eval)") ; in SBCL-0.7.x an Interpreter didn't exist in the
                             ; SB-EVAL package any more.

(defun set-determined-sbcl-version ()
  ;; do we have a SBCL-version less than 0.7.x?
  (let ((result (car (comint-send
                      (ilisp-process) ilisp-*determine-version-lisp-string*
                      t t 'init-sbcl-version nil nil))))
    (setq ilisp-*sbcl<07-version* (not (string-match "[\n]*NIL[\n]*" result)))))

(defun sbcl-ilisp-customize ()
  (fset 'sbcl-check-prompt
        (if ilisp-*sbcl<07-version*
          (function sbcl-check-prompt-sbcl<07)
          (function sbcl-check-prompt-sbcl>=07)))
  (set-ilisp-value 'comint-prompt-regexp
                   (if ilisp-*sbcl<07-version*
                     ;; old comint-prompt-regexp (sbcl-0.6 or earlier).
                     "^\\([0-9]+\\]+\\|\\*\\) "
                     ;; new comint-prompt-regexp for sbcl-0.7 (and maybe later).
                     "^\\([0-9]+\\]+\\|[0-9]+\\[[0-9]+\\]\\|\\*\\) ")))

(defun sbcl-version-hook-fun ()
  (when (equal (process-name (ilisp-process)) "sbcl")
    ;; sets ILISP-*SBCL<07-VERSION*

(defdialect sbcl "Steel Bank Common LISP"
  (ilisp-load-init 'sbcl ilisp-sbcl-init-file)

  ;; set the right check-prompt function, according to the right SBCL version:
  ;; we have to do this after the Lisp has been started, because we have to
  ;; ask the lisp-process for some info ...
  ;; ... refactored into its own function.
  ;; comint-prompt-regexp is now set here, too, in the ILISP-INIT-HOOK-LOCAL,
  (setq	comint-prompt-regexp "^\\([0-9]+\\]+\\|\\*\\) " 
        ;; we have to set comint-prompt-regexp to something sensible here, before
        ;; we can set it finally to its right value in our ILISP-INIT-HOOK-LOCAL
        ;; hook (above).
        ilisp-trace-command "(ILISP:sbcl-trace \"%s\" \"%s\" \"%s\")"
	(function (lambda (old line)
		    (comint-prompt-status old line 'sbcl-check-prompt)))

	ilisp-error-regexp "\\(ILISP:[^\"]*\\)\\|\\(error [^\n]*\n\n\\)\\|\\(debugger invoked on [^:]*:\\)"
	;; The above regexp has been suggested by
	;; hunter@work.nlm.nih.gov (Larry Hunter), for CMUCL.  It's
	;; probably wrong for SBCL, but I'd have to know what it was
	;; for before commenting.
	ilisp-arglist-command "(ILISP:ilisp-arglist \"%s\" \"%s\")"
	ilisp-find-source-command "(ILISP:source-file \"%s\" \"%s\" \"%s\")"

        comint-fix-error ":r abort"
	comint-continue ":go"
	ilisp-reset ":r toplevel"
	comint-interrupt-regexp "interrupted at"

        ;; Hardcoded binary extensions are undesirable.
        ;; Since ilisp-cl.el takes care of ilisp-binary-command and
        ;; ilisp-init-binary-command we don't need to take care of that here.
        ;; Even it is was hardcoded, problems would arise, because SBCL-0.7.x
        ;; uses ".fasl" as an extension, whereas SBCL-0.6.x uses specific
        ;; extensions (like ".x86f").
        ;; So go for the general mechanism.
        ;; instead of the following:
	;; ilisp-init-binary-command "\"x86f\""
	;; ilisp-binary-command "\"x86f\""

  ;; ILD Support, largely untested

  (setq ild-abort-string ":abort"
	ild-continue-string ":go"
	ild-next-string ":down"
	ild-next-string-arg nil		;needs work
	ild-previous-string ":up"
	ild-previous-string-arg nil	;needs work
	ild-top-string ":bottom"
	ild-bottom-string ":top"
	ild-backtrace-string ":backtrace"
	ild-locals-string ":l"
	ild-local-string-arg "(debug:arg %s)"
	ild-return-string nil		; needs work (debug:debug-return x)
	ild-retry-string nil		; needs work
	ild-trap-on-exit-string nil	; needs work

(unless sbcl-program (setq sbcl-program "sbcl --noinform"))

;;; end of file -- ilisp-sbcl.el --