ilisp / ilisp-xls.el

;;; -*-Mode: Emacs-Lisp-*-

;;; ilisp-xls.el --
;;; ILISP Xlisp and Xlisp-Stat dialect definition
;;; This file is part of ILISP.
;;; Please refer to the file COPYING for copyrights and licensing
;;; information.
;;; Please refer to the file ACKNOWLEGDEMENTS for an (incomplete) list
;;; of present and past contributors.
;;; $Id$

;;; Thanks to John Walker for supplying this file.

(defdialect xlisp "Xlisp" ilisp
  (setq ilisp-load-command "(load \"%s\")"
        ilisp-last-command "*")

(if (not xlisp-program) (setq xlisp-program "xlisp"))


(defdialect xlispstat "Xlisp-Stat" xlisp
  (setq ilisp-binary-extension "fsl"
	;; ilisp-describe-command "(help %s)"))

(if (not xlispstat-program) (setq xlispstat-program "xlispstat"))

;;; endo of file -- ilisp-xls.el --