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Welcome to ILISP.

ILISP is a GNU Emacs package for controlling an inferior process running a
Lisp dialect.  You can get ILISP at:

The project site, which provides access to the CVS source tree, bug
database, mailing lists and other resources, is hosted at SourceForge:

ILISP is currently being maintained by Paolo Amoroso <>,
Marco Antoniotti <>, Martin Atzmueller
<>, Craig Brozefsky <>,
William Deakin <> and Matthias Koeppe

The following mailing lists are available:

  ilisp-announce : Subscribe to this list if you want to receive public
                   announcements regarding ILISP.
  ilisp-devel    : This is the list for people who want to be actively
                   involved in the development of ILISP.
  ilisp-help     : This is the list for asking usage questions regarding
  ilisp-cvs      : Subscribe to this list *only* if you want to monitor the
                   CVS repository activity.

You can subscribe to the lists and access the archives via the general
information pages:

You may send bug reports, questions, suggestions, etc. to ilisp-help or


The ILISP Maintainers