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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-

;;; allegro.lisp --

;;; This file is part of ILISP.
;;; Version: 5.10.1
;;; Copyright (C) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Chris McConnell
;;;               1993, 1994 Ivan Vasquez
;;;               1994, 1995, 1996 Marco Antoniotti and Rick Busdiecker
;;;               1996-2000 Marco Antoniotti and Rick Campbell
;;; Other authors' names for which this Copyright notice also holds
;;; may appear later in this file.
;;; Send mail to 'majordomo@cons.org' to be included in the
;;; ILISP mailing list. 'ilisp@cons.org' is the general ILISP
;;; mailing list were bugs and improvements are discussed.
;;; ILISP is freely redistributable under the terms found in the file

;;; Allegro initializations
;;; Author: Chris McConnell, ccm@cs.cmu.edu

(in-package "ILISP")

;;; 19990615 Patch suggested by Larry Hunter <hunter@nlm.nih.gov>
;;; EXCL::FN_SYMDEF is no longer available by default.

#+allegro-v5.0 (require :llstructs)

(defun ilisp-callers (symbol package)
  "Print a list of all of the functions that call FUNCTION.
Returns T if successful."
   (let ((function (ilisp-find-symbol symbol package))
	 (callers nil)
	 (*print-level* nil)
	 (*print-length* nil)
	 (*package* (find-package 'lisp)))
     (when (and function (fboundp function))
       (labels ((in-expression (function expression)
		  (cond ((null expression) nil)
			((listp expression)
			 (let ((header (first expression)))
			   (if (or (eq header function)
				   (and (eq header 'function)
					(eq (second expression) function)))
			       (dolist (subexp expression)
				 (when (in-expression function subexp)
				   (return t)))))))))
	  #'(lambda (function)
	      (push (excl::fn_symdef function) callers)))
	 (do-all-symbols (symbol)
	   (when (and (fboundp symbol)
		      (not (compiled-function-p (symbol-function symbol)))
		      (in-expression function (symbol-function symbol)))
	     (push symbol callers)))
	 (dolist (caller callers)
	   (print caller))

(defun ilisp-source-files (symbol package type)
  "Print each file for PACKAGE:SYMBOL's TYPE definition on a line.
Returns T if successful."
   (let* ((symbol (ilisp-find-symbol symbol package))
	  (type (if (equal type "any") t (ilisp-find-symbol type "keyword")))
	  (paths (when symbol (excl:source-file symbol type))))
     (if paths
	   (if (eq type t)
	       (dolist (path (remove-duplicates paths
						:key #'cdr :test #'equal))
		 (print (namestring (cdr path))))
	       (print (namestring paths)))

;;; Epilogue

(eval-when (load eval)
  (unless (compiled-function-p #'ilisp-callers)
    (ilisp-message t "File is not compiled, use M-x ilisp-compile-inits")))

;;; end of file -- allegro.lisp --