ilisp / Welcome

Welcome to ILISP.

ILISP is a GNU Emacs package for controlling an inferior process
running a lisp dialect.  You can get ILISP at

ILISP is currently being maintained by Marco Antoniotti
<> and Rick Campbell <>.

There is an ILISP mailing list managed by `majordomo'.
Please address all list administration messages, such as requests to
subscribe or unsubscribe, to:

	  <> ILISP Administrivia

To send a message to everyone on the list, address it to:

          <> ILISP Discussion

The list has had a very low volume lately, so you may not see messages
for a while after subscribing.

Please note that there is no "bug" list like
The primary list serves the purpose of a general bug fix and
discussion area.


The ILISP Maintainers