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Ebola fixes
add direntry section to manual

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+1998-02-25  SL Baur  <>
+	* ispell.texi: add direntry section.
+	* ispell.el: New variable `ispell-int-char' for XEmacs 20.  
+	(ispell-command-loop): Use it.
 1998-01-25  SL Baur  <>
 	* Makefile (VERSION): Update to package standard 1.0.
 # the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 # Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
-VERSION = 1.05
+VERSION = 1.06
 MAINTAINER = XEmacs Development Team <>
 PACKAGE = ispell
       (put 'ispell-region 'menu-enable 'mark-active)
       (fset 'ispell-menu-map (symbol-value 'ispell-menu-map))))
-;;; Xemacs version 19
-(if (and (string-lessp "19" emacs-version)
-	 (string-match "Lucid" emacs-version)
+;;; XEmacs version 19
+(if (and ;; (string-lessp "19" emacs-version) ;; This is always true
+	 (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version)
 	 (null ispell-menu-lucid)
 	 (not (and (boundp 'infodock-version) infodock-version)))
     (let ((dicts (cons (cons "default" nil) ispell-dictionary-alist))
 	    (delete-menu-item '("Edit" "Spell")) ; in case already defined
 	    (add-menu '("Edit") "Spell" ispell-menu-lucid)))))
+;;; Fixup mixing characters and integers
+(if (and (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version)
+	 (fboundp 'int-char))
+    (fset 'ispell-int-char 'int-char)
+  ;; Emacs and XEmacs 19
+  (fset 'ispell-int-char 'identity))
 ;;; **********************************************************************
 ;;; The following are used by ispell, and should not be changed.
 	;; not so good if there are over 20 or 30 options, but then, if
 	;; there are that many you don't want to scan them all anyway...
 	(while (memq count command-characters) ; skip command characters.
-	  (setq count (1+ count)
+	  (setq count (ispell-int-char (1+ count))
 		skipped (1+ skipped)))
 	(insert "(" count ") " (car choices) "  ")
 	(setq choices (cdr choices)
-	      count (1+ count)))
-      (setq count (- count ?0 skipped)))
+	      count (ispell-int-char (1+ count))))
+      (setq count (ispell-int-char (- count ?0 skipped))))
     ;; Assure word is visible
     (if (not (pos-visible-in-window-p end))
 @comment %**start of header (This is for running Texinfo on a region.)
 @settitle ISPELL V3.1
+* Ispell::      Interactive spelling corrector.
+@end direntry
 @comment %**end of header (This is for running Texinfo on a region.)
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