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Commits by adrian were pushed to xemacs/ispell

de8e6e5 - packages: Re: flyspell-mode became incredibly slow -------------------- ChangeLog entries follow: -------------------- xemacs-packages/ispell/ChangeLog addition: 2005-10-15 Adrian Aichner <> * ispell.el (ispell-buffer-local-dict): Patch submitted by Mike FABIAN ...

Commits by michaels were pushed to xemacs/ispell

3055b64 - Subject: Fix 21.5 probelm with ispell.el 2005-02-13 Michael Sperber <> * ispell.el (ispell-command-loop): Don't rely on `save-window-excursion' to preserve window identity. This makes r)eplace work ...

Commits by viteno were pushed to xemacs/ispell

3ddcd29 - Don't trash ispell-dictionary, Aidan Kehoe <>, <>.
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