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File doc/ug/bsh-ug-content.html

 <A NAME="Exiting"></A>Exiting the Shell</H3>
 To exit the BeanShell, enter
-at the commmand prompt.
+at the command prompt.
 <A NAME="LanguageRef"></A>The BeanShell Language</H2>

File java/src/jde/debugger/spec/Makefile

 	@echo "  all             - build all as needed (default)"
 	@echo "  <single target> - build the given file as needed"
 	@echo "  clean           - remove all .class files"
-	@echo "  build           - build all inconditionnally"
+	@echo "  build           - build all unconditionally"
 	@echo "  help            - display this help"