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Update for JDE 2.2.7beta3

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-(defconst jde-version "2.2.7beta2"
+(defconst jde-version "2.2.7beta3"
   "JDE version number.")
 (defconst jde-xemacsp (string-match "XEmacs" (emacs-version))
 (require 'jde-java-font-lock)
 (require 'jde-import)
 (require 'senator)
+(require 'jde-package)
 ;; (require 'jde-project)
 ;; From custom web page for compatibility between versions of custom:
 compiling, running,and debugging an application. Note that the value
 of this variable is a list of strings, each of which specifies a
 path. The JDE converts this list to a colon- or semicolon-separated
-list before inserting in the compiler or vm command line.
+list before inserting in the compiler or vm command line. The paths
+may start with a tilde (~) and may include environment variables. The
+JDE replaces the ~ with your home directory and replaces each instance
+of an environment variable with its value before inserting it into
+a command line.
 You cans specify different classpaths for compiling, running and
 debugging applicaitons. Use `jde-compile-option-classpath' to specify
   "The separator to use in a classpath.
 This is usually the same as `path-separator'")
-(defun jde-path-string-to-list (paths)
- "Converts a string of paths to a list of paths.
-It is assumed that the default path separator for the
-current platform (e.g., semicolon on Win32) separates
-the paths."
- (let ((path-list (list))
-       (m 0)
-       (n (string-match jde-classpath-separator paths)))
-   (while n
-     (let ((path (substring paths m n)))
-       (if path
-	   (setq path-list
-		 (cons path path-list)))
-       (setq m (+ n 1))
-       (setq n (string-match jde-classpath-separator paths m))))
-   (setq n (length paths))
-   (if (and (> n 0) (< m n))
-       (let ((path (substring paths m n)))
-	 (if path
-	     (setq path-list
-		   (cons path path-list)))))
-   (setq path-list (nreverse path-list))))
 (defun jde-set-global-classpath (classpath)
   "Specify the value of the -classpath argument for the Java compiler and
    "sEnter classpath: ")
-  (setq jde-global-classpath (jde-path-string-to-list classpath)))
+  (setq jde-global-classpath (split-string classpath jde-classpath-separator)))
 (defun jde-browse-jdk-doc ()
 	  (expand-file-name file jde-lisp-directory))
 	(directory-files jde-lisp-directory))))))
+;; Provided for XEmacs compatibility.
+(if (not (fboundp 'subst-char-in-string))
+    (defun subst-char-in-string (fromchar tochar string &optional inplace)
+      "Replace FROMCHAR with TOCHAR in STRING each time it occurs.
+Unless optional argument INPLACE is non-nil, return a new string."
+      (let ((i (length string))
+	    (newstr (if inplace string (copy-sequence string))))
+	(while (> i 0)
+	  (setq i (1- i))
+	  (if (eq (aref newstr i) fromchar)
+	      (aset newstr i tochar)))
+	newstr)))
 (provide 'jde)
 ;; Change History 
 ;; $Log$
+;; Revision 1.4  2001/02/20 05:29:19  paulk
+;; JDE 2.27 updates
 ;; Revision 1.146  2001/02/20 05:09:04  paulk
 ;; The JDE now expands paths that begin with a tilde but not a period (.).