jde / ReleaseNotes.txt

JDE 2.1.1 Release Notes

This release includes the following new features:

* Customize startup directory for Java applications

  The JDE now allows you to specify a startup directory
  for running and debugging JDE programs. The default
  startup directory remains the directory of the current
  source code buffer. Type C-h v jde-run-working-directory
  or see "Customizing the Startup Directory" in the "Running
  Java Applications" section of the "JDE User's Guide."

* Customization panel for jde-mode key bindings

  The JDE now allows you to use a customization panel to
  define key bindings for jde-mode. This enables you to
  define key bindings even if you don't know Lisp.
  See "Customizing Key Bindings" in the "Customizing jde-mode" 
  section of the "JDE User's Guide" for more information.

* System.out.println(...); template

  Select Generate->Println from the JDE menu to create a 
  System.out.println statement at the current point in a
  source buffer. The JDE prompts you to enter the content
  of the println statement.